Monday, August 20, 2007

What a ride!

Quick biking update here.

I did the Hot August Days bike ride in Wenatchee this past weekend. Went for the 120 mile route. Here's the outcome:

I LOVE biking!
I had tons of fun
I survived 120 miles without any problems
I learned about bike bonks; it came on quicker than a running bonk; easy to recover
I realized I could eat and drink a LOT more on a bike than when running
I learned so much about my bike
I experienced the THRILL of flying down 6-mile steep hills as fast as I possibly can
I LOVE biking!
I fell once stopping suddenly before a cattle guard in the road - no time to de-clip
I realized that biking is "simple" and freeing like running
I had a little left knee discomfort that resolved with seat positioning
I finished with NO saddle sores or numb limbs
I averaged 15 mph on this hilly course
I had very little "tightness" in my hamstrings the next morning; all recovered
I LOVE biking!!

I can't wait to do more.


Anonymous said...

Biker chick....that's hot! : )

Kendall K said...

You MUST have enjoyed yourself. You didn't mention having to sleep in your car the night before or temporarily losing your keys at the end. Glad you had fun. KRK

olga said...

Yikes, 6M steep downhill...and with LOVE! My, you are embarking your new life from every corner:) Woohoo! See you at mile 80 on Sunday!

Bob Gentile said...



come on u really love it? can't u
tell us runners, biking was ok :-)

ok, well I am very glad U had a SAFE good time this past weekend!!

Gotta Run said...

How do you do it all??? What a machine!!

I followed your victory during the BadWater event. Amazing!!

Lisa B said...

Kendall - Yep, 'twas fun despite the glitches, which seem to be an inevitable part of any of my adventures! Nice job on your fabulous 150-mile FAST ride!

Olga - See ya at mile 80. I got your Death Valley crew book and check. Hopefully, you won't have to carry my shoes around for 80 miles... :)

Bob - I'm not a traitor. More like a swinger. :) Is the taper killing you yet?

Gotta run - I dunno. I just stay in the moment and am grateful I can "play." Of course, there's the HUGE luck factor too....

Bob Gentile said...

LOL ok ... I have to be careful with this tapering thing, I find myself kinda bored and looking to eat more food then I normally do--grrrrr other then that I am ready to TOE that Line!!!

KendraBo said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious! I think biking can do nothing but good things for you. Just watch those crazy freakin' drivers. Which I know you do. Roll 'em!

Hart said...

yeah there really there isn't a down side to an ultrarunner biking as cross training. i do a ton of riding. sounds like you really enjoyed it, which is awesome. although kendra makes a good point - it's super dangerous. i've literally almost been killed so many times on my bike, while comparatively my bear encounters on the trail have only totaled 4 so far. =)

Lisa B said...

Hi Matt -

I'll take your and Kendra's cautionary recs to heart and be as careful as I can on the bike.

And thanks for the CCC updates.

Best of luck at the Tetons!