Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spokane River Run 50k

I decided to run the Spokane River Run as a "recovery" run from Umstead. I would love to keep my mileage up a little higher this year, to push a little harder this year. Umstead was two weeks ago. It was a decent effort for me. I recovered well but had a little left over soreness in my adductor that kept me cautious last weekend when I ran 12 miles over two days. I rested the rest of the week and yesterday, took a literal run around the block to see if I should toe the line at the River Run. I felt ok, so I gave it a go.

I ran this race last year. It's a gorgeous two 25k loop course on mostly single-track trails. There are flats and climbs and rocks and in some places LOTS of rocks. The weather plummeted over the week to a chilling 24 degrees by this morning. We had snow and clouds and then sun throughout the day. If you were dressed right though, the weather was actually quite nice.

I didn't know what to expect with running a 50k just two weeks after a decent-effort 100 miler, so I took it real slow the first loop. The key to reminding oneself to keep it slow and easy and not get caught up in to carry a camera. That I did, and it helped to remind me that my finish time didn't matter, just my recovery and staying injury free. I reluctantly wore two - yes, two - ankle braces, one on each foot of course, to protect myself from repeated ankle injury. Try as I might, and rehab as I did - and continue to do - I can't seem to keep my post-surgical ankle from rolling. I was so reluctant to wear the brace, which I've had forever and was told by my surgeon 2-1/2 years ago, that I should wear whenever I was out on the trail. I did for a while, then tried to get by without, and after several more significant sprains, I gave up and stuck primarily to the roads. And when I WAS on trails, I ran in fear and carried with me a PTSD-type feeling of dread for the next ankle sprain.

So, anyway, I wore the ASO braces, and I am sooo glad I did! They freed me to run and enjoy the single-track rocky trails like I used to.

My legs were notably fatigued on the uphills, but instead of giving in to the fatigue on the second loop, I figured it would be good to run a little harder instead. So, I did, and ran a negative split by about 20 minutes, finishing in 6:09. After a healthful post-race meal, I am tired - that good tired feeling - and ready for bed. Back to work in the morning.

Go here for a few more pics.

[There was apparently some trouble with the chip timing system. Hopefully, the official results page will be corrected... or not... :) ]

It was a busy race weekend, so I hope that all of you who ran had nice races or training runs. Good luck to all Boston-ers tomorrow!


AnthonyP said...

Sounds as if you had a very nice recovery run (except, perhaps, for the cold weather).

Marathoner in Training said...

There anthony complaining about the cold weather. I am already sick of the heat (AZ). Great job on the "RECOVERY" run. Get some rest and let the muscles rebuild.

olga said...

Lisa, that is an awesome effort, girl! I am glad your braces help you run free, just the way we like it:) Wonder what's next on your agenda...besides OR100 in a year and half:)

Bob Gentile said...

lol Olga, she is going to have that OR100 sold out :-)

Great recovery run the pics also, zappaaaaaaaaaaa !

My KM race is coming up soon I have like 15 days or so --HAHA

ok nice try on ur taper days tip as they count but whatever I NEED "MILE" Days not "MENTAL" days, I been on MENTAL TaperNESS for 42 years--lmaoooo

Catch up with ya, have a great week!

Backofpack said...

Way to go Lisa! I'd like to run this sometime - I remember the park from when we lived in Spokane. I thought it was beautiful. Glad your ankle braces worked out!

Anonymous said...

Favorite Doc......

Good rock!!!!


Jon said...

Wow, those are sweet photos! How did you manage to take your picture AND run? :-)

I've definately got to set time for 2009 and head over to the eastern part of Washington more often (past Ellensburg) and do some of those really nice runs like Climb-A-Mountain and the Spokane River Run. It just looks too nice NOT to go out there!

Michelle Halsne said...


I am training for my first 100 mile run, Western States. Your information here is amazing, especially your low mileage approach. I am currently hitting between 30-40 miles a week and was afraid it is not enough. Thanks for being so open about your training.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

less is better:)

Bob Gentile said...

Lisaaaaaaaaaaaa Hey I need to order some sockssssssssssssss for KM

What kind of Drymax should I buy? too many selections :-(

Please send me an email when u get a chance

THanks Hun

Lisa B said...

Hey Bob,

For KM I'd get the Trail Running socks. is the best seller.

I'll drop you an email too in case you don't come back here before KM. :)

kendrara said...

i love to see another low mileage runner. you're looking great and it's SO nice to be able to see how you're doing again!