Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking the silence

Wow. It's been 10 days since I've updated y'all about my training for the race. Sorry for the silence. Some of you who know me well know that I have some things in my life that have distracted me from focusing on my race. Even the quad strain, I believe, is a result of lack of proper rest and nutrition.

Well, despite some added stresses, distractions, and a lingering injury, I am happy to say that I am more than ready to toe the start line with my ultrarunning family at 10 am Monday morning! I was desperately worried about the quad. It still hurts even with just walking. BUT ... it is NOT going to stop me! I haven't run since that 15 miler - 10 days of rest. I tried once but couldn't make it a mile. Since then, I've given up the "taper" and all impact training, and have focused solely on the heat and my mind. At this point, the mind is key!

This is what ultrarunning is made of. It's physical, to be sure. But the mind can exceed physical limitations. The mind can also be the source of one's demise even early on the course. The mind of the ultrarunner is what gets him or her to the start line - and the finish line - of the race.

I was awfully negative about my injury. Every step, every twist, the quad hurt. I felt it literally all the time. I was getting it treated, and the treatments would help but only for a short period of time. Then it would come back. While it still hurts now, my mind is better, and that makes all the difference. Once again, my friends have helped me tremendously. Without them I'd be a big blob of misery and pity. Tim E. says: "You must think positive thoughts about your leg, Lisa." "You must be strong, believe, Lisa." And at first I couldn't do it! I couldn't be strong; I couldn't believe. SO, I believed that HE believed... and well, guess what? The mind is now totally "back" and the leg is getting better!! Thanks, Tim!

And Larry, who is my physical therapist and on my crew team, says: "I think the treatments are working, Lisa. I think you are going to be ok. I think we are going to have to manage a bit on the course, but you'll pull through." And the leg is getter better. Thanks, Larry!

And Gina, who is my chiropractor and who I WISH were on my crew team, says: "I'll treat you whenever you want. Saturday, Sunday, evenings, whatever. Just call me. Whatever we need to do to get you to the starting line." Thanks, Gina!

And the phone calls (thanks, Olga, Dori, Dave B, Tim) and emails (thanks, Lisa, Mary) from friends who are sending good "quad juju" (thanks, Jeff) and the offers to help with Badwater logistics (thanks, Tim Kj and Scott J). I can't possibly name everyone because it's been a few weeks filled with love and support from so many people.

Wow, wow, wow. It's all I can say. Wow.


I'm back. My mind is back.
I'm ready. I'm ready to run.
I'm eager. Eager for a great time in the desert.
I'm still training, just training the mind and for the heat.
I'm hopeful. Hopeful that I will be alright.
I'm free. No longer bound by negative thoughts of injury and failure.
I'm grateful, so overwhelmingly grateful for my awesome friends and family.

And another thing that is soooo awesome: my good friend Glenn Tachiyama is now on my crew. As many of you already know, Glenn is not only a master photographer but he has been on the amazing Scott Jurek's crew team for many of Scott's Western States, Slam runs, and his two Badwater wins. When Scott decided not to run Badwater this year, Glenn asked if I needed some help. Well, ABSO-FRIGGIN'-LUTELY!! I couldn't be luckier to have Glenn on my crew with the other 4 members, Dave Heckman, Dave Bursler, Larry Ham, and Dori Robertson. We are going to have so much FUN out there. I just can't wait!

OK, must go now. I've got 2 hours in the sauna to do yet tonight.

Love and peace to you all,



Greg Pressler said...

"The mind can exceed physical limitations."

That says it all. You will do well. Believe it.

See you on Sunday!

Greg P.

Lisa B said...

Hi Greg. Nice blog. I'll add a link here. Believe it, yes! You will do well too. See you in 4 days!

Olga said...

I know your injury will only make you stronger because of your mind part - nothing will ever stop you. I know you will overcome any obsticles to make it all the way to the Portal and more. I know you are ready for heat, blisters, pain, but most importantly - for having lots of fun, as sick as it'll be. I am so happy G is going to be on your crew along with your other friends. And I am greatful to be your friend and will be thinking of you, not only during those two days, but always. You are strong, Lisa, and you are wonderful. I am looking forward to your makiing the journey across Death Valley. I love you, girl.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Lisa..I have seen you overcome many things in a short time.
You are going to press on and I know that you are going to be just fine. Like my friend Marshall always says..the only limitations are in your mind!

Can't wait to see you.


Unknown said...

'atta girl!

You will be great, Lisa. Soak up the challenge and enjoy every minute (even the tough ones). See you in the desert!


Backofpack said...

I have no doubt that you can do this - I've only met you in the internet world (and briefly at WS) but I can tell you are strong and ready. Go, Lisa, go!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...





that about Sums it up! Your Ready and Your CREW is READY!!

MIND Up Girl and Git R DONE!!


denalifc said...


Good luck with Badwater, I know you will do great. I can't wait to see you in Death Valley; arriving Saturday. It's going to be a blast
Go get 'em friend


Olga said...

Your blogroll on a side bar (the changes you've made) crack me up every time I open it! That is just so you, Lisa:)

Lisa B said...

Thank you everybody for your encouragement and juju!