Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CCC100 No Name Ridge Aid Station

Tony Philippi, Tim Englund and I worked the aid station at mile 80 of the Cascade Crest 100 course. The lead runner (Jamie Gifford) came through before 2 am Sunday and the last runner unfortunately missed the 11:30 am cut off. The Coleman stove was fired up throughout the night, and we kept runners warm with grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, and perogies.

It started out to be a beautiful summer day Saturday afternoon, but evening brought with it plenty of wind and steady rain. We came prepared for a cold night, but we were not really ready for the unexpectedly windy and very cold night that it was (nor were the other volunteers or the runners). There was a fire ban so we couldn't build a fire, and it was certainly frigid standing around. Good thing tp! brought some great tunes! And good thing we each brought along plenty of humor! It turned out to be a fun-tastic day...and night...and day!

We had endless fun serving the runners at this late stage of the run. Many kudos to race director Charlie Crissman for doing a superb job his first year taking over this fabulous race. Congratulations to all the runners who finished, and of course, good effort to those who toed the start line but didn't make it to the finish. Please come back next year to try again!

The rest of MY PHOTOS are here.

Glenn Tachiyama's race photos are here.

Full CCC100 RESULTS are here.


Journey to a Centum said...

Oh yeah, that cigar is so you! Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Your AS was the most important one not only for fuel but mental prep. They had the right crew there!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Bob Gentile said...

LOLOL ya I agree that cigar is SO
you ...

I can SEE it now as a runner comes in Lisa says:

"ok kiddo (puff puff) ur doing great:-)now focus on a mile at a time (puff) you need anything else (no),Did U try any perogies (No, I'm Ok)... "Ok Kiddo get out of here(smack on the ass)that Kid will make it" (Puff Puff & a big puff blown straight up in the dark cloudy sky)

LOLOLOL Ok,well maybe not like that:-)

Sounds like it was a great time, thanks!

Lisa B said...

Ha! It's a funny picture, eh? Those cigars were so GOOD! But we certainly didn't light up with runners around. That would've been mean...whether they liked or disliked cigars.

Oh what fun fun fun!

olga said...

You mean I missed Tony and Tim in wrap-skirts??!! Bummer! Now I am upset about my DNF:)
Lisa, loved seen you at the start! I'll figure out when we can meet and hang out, sigars, boyz and all!

Ian said...

Lisa, great photos. This is what helping at an aid station is all about. I love the back drop of where the race is held; boy do I wish Chicago area had mountains (back to looking at my Badwater photos!!!). And to answer the comment you posted on my blog - YEAH I do remember that little 5k cross country race we did at Montrose Harbor all those years ago. RD Paul gave me a photo of us from the race - I'll dig it out sometime and scan it for you.


Bret said...

That is some serious stogie puffin' going there. Great picture, I may have to steal that for my blog! I guess I will have to come out of the closet. I thought I was the only Ultra runnin', Cigar smokin' folk out there.

Good job at the the AS, sounds like an ugly night.

Lisa B said...

Olga - yep, you missed seeing guyz in sarongs. But no worries that you'll have other opportunities for sure! Have fun at the Teton races. I hear you are planning on going anyway to hang out and have fun. That's the spirit!

Ian - I'd love to see that photo. I remember saying during that 5k that I wish I could run forever...and you said that that's why I would make a good ultrarunner...or at least an ultrarunner. :)

Bret - Thanks for stopping by my blog. You see here that you are among like-minded people when it comes to celebrating running with oxygen-depriving habits like cigar smoking. Check out this post-Badwater picture too. You can definitely come out of the closet! :)

Lisa B said...

ok, again...try cutting and pasting: