Monday, August 13, 2007

A little mercy please, my friends!

Ok, ok. I am an extremist like some of you. The longer the running distance, the better. The more challenging, the better. I like events that give you the opportunity to DIG DEEP.

Ok, ok. So, that said...I'm really trying hard not to overdo the new bike thang... I should ease into it, right? I want to avoid new overuse injuries, and I REALLY don't want saddle sores! ...And here you guys are taunting me whether 254 miles is "the best you got?" and enticing me to try the "120 mile option!"

Nuts! You KNOW (if you are like me) that once you introduce a thought into my head, it gets STUCK there and the only way to get over it is THROUGH it! :)

Well, so now I'm definitely considering the ride this weekend...either 100 or 120 miles, yep. A loop does sound much better than an out-and-back. (But that 150 mile description sounds even better yet, Kendall!)

And I just caught wind of this Tour Des Lacs ride right here in my backyard. Of course, I would do the long or super long route sans cruise. (I'll save that for another day since I've already done the cruise sans bike ride before.) There are just so many biking venues right HERE!

So, yes, I like the challenge; I like that my friends pose challenges to me! And no, I don't really need mercy now...though that doesn't mean I'll never need it.

And on an UNRELATED note: I'd like to offer congrats to Dave Gorski for putting in some miles at the Howl at the Moon this past weekend. Often known at so many ultras for being "Mary's husband and support crew person," this time, he himself took on the challenge of the fixed-timed loop course in Indiana and put in 13 walking miles! Cheers for Mary's Lil' Mister Gorski! Nice job, Dave! Here are complete results of the race.

And here's Dave's wife Mary Gorski's cow light key chain I gave her at Badwater. (pic: courtesy of sweet Mary Gorski) I thought maybe she could use it on Mt. Whitney or something. It actually moo's and so I thought it could serve the double purpose of keeping the bears away. (Oh wait! There are no bears in the desert!) In any case, she ended up using it as a nice drop bag good luck charm. ...I guess it brought her luck as she cranked out a nice 40.98 miles at the Howl too!

That's all for now. I've still got a little work to do, which brings me to less than 5 hours sleep for the night. No wonder I'm tired during the day! I should try SLEEPING at night!

Sweet dreams, all.


Kendall K said...

Lisa, We plan to be at the start at 5:00 AM to beat some of the heat. I hope we see you there and can ride some together. Although, given your size, I'm not sure drafting behind you would be very successful. KRK

olga said...

Giving your size, please take good care of that rear thing normal people call "butt":) Sounds like fun, and with Kendall no less! Go for the challenge, and before you know it, you won't do relay at Furnace, you do whole flippin' route!!!

Bob Gentile said...

sure why not do 120 or 150 mile event you had the bike for a few days now, what the heck you been waiting for you slacker....step up!!!

and ya that Butt thing will be an issue..hmmm just numb it, sit on a bag of ice--lol we will call you ICE Butt :-) or IB

SLEEPING at night?!! hmmm kinda overrated if u ask me :-)

ok IB have a great week!