Monday, June 30, 2008

Big horns and beach cruisin'

Ok, so I'm a little late in posting about my most recent adventure. Hope it's not too late because I want to say that the Bighorn Trail runs two weekends ago were simply spectacular. I'm going to save on the verbiage and send you directly to my picture book story HERE if you are interested. It was a laid back very nice run for me. I finished feeling strong and my recovery is full.

Secondly, as you all know by now, the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run was canceled due to fire and smoke conditions. I was going to be there to pace my friend Shannon. I feel bad for her and all the runners that trained for and dreamed about the race. We know it was the right decision though. I have great respect and admiration for the Western States Board, how fair they have been, and how they did such a great job in making a fun weekend out of an unavoidable circumstance.

On a final note, I KNOW I should be running more (I have some serious training to do -- more on that later) BUT I just LOVE the bike! I love it so much, I couldn't pass up this beautiful Red Betty. She rides so smooth and easy and her 3 speeds are all I need to cruise around town...or the beach. Sometimes I can get going so fast that the tassels actually blow in the wind. :)

So, after some Red Betty attention, I got on my road bike for a nice beginning of the summer 50k tune-up in central WA by the Yakima River. Gosh, I forgot how much I love the bike! Did I mention that already? Next up, some real training (running) and a century ride on the weekend.


Kendall K said...

Which century ride are you doing? I have been on my bike some and will be riding STP in a couple of weeks. Will you be riding Hot August Days again this year? I plan to - haven't decided about the 120 or 150 distance yet. KRK

Journey to a Centum said...

Your Red Betty Bike exudes relaxation! It's really cool!

Congratulations on yet another 100 under your belt! It sounds like biking is calling you.

Enjoy summer while it's here. Hope you have coped with the recent heat in your area OK.


Lisa B said...

Hi K - I am not doing an organized ride, just on my own, probably in ID. I plan on HAD again for sure. This year, I'll know more how to ride a bike! See you there.

Hi E - Exudes relaxation - Yes! That's it! That's why I love it. It's hard to be serious about much when cruisin' down the road in that seat. It's hot here too. Stay cool!

olga said...

Lisa, doll, that's it??? All of the post? :) It was so awesome to see you in WY, bummer we didn't party hard in CA, and I still have to make sure to squeeze a visit up to your (new) place. In the Fall now? Hugs to you, darling!

Laura H said...

Betty reminds me of Cory Faulk's (aka the Ledge) bike at Hawaii Ironman - beach cruiser with streamers (and he rode the bike portion in flip-flops). Now they have a rule that the bike tires MUST fit in the rack and close toed shoes MUST be worn - the Cory rules. Enjoy your century!

Bob Gentile said...

Red Betty :-)
Sweet ride Lisa, that bike is so cool I think u can actually get away puffing on a small sto·gie as u cruise to the beach and people watching you will say "now that is one cool chica"

Congrats on Big Horn!

Lisa B said...

Ha! No Cory rules for me! That's hilarious. Rather, I'm diggin' the flip flops, big sun glasses, and yep, the stogie. :)

Lisa B said...

Sweet Olga, just not enough time in the day to do a race write-up! Wish so much I could. I was fabulous seeing you. You look great! Oh, and you ran a superb 100-miler too. :) See you soon, definitely at my house-warming party in the fall.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said..., love the bike!!! How fun:)