Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good luck to the Tetoner's!

The Grand Teton races are this weekend, directed by Jay and Lisa Smith-Batchen. It promises to be a fabulous race! Oh, how I wish I were going.... Maybe it's not too late to get a flight.... :)

Here's a link to the 100-mile and 50-mile entrants. There are lots of friends on the list! I kinda wish the first time ultrarunners had an asterisk next to their names so that we know who to pay special attention to in the results. Keep an eye out for bloggers Bob Gentile (1st ultra), Leigh Corbin, Matt Hart (1st 100), Monica Sholz, Pam Reed, George Valasco, Hans, 73-year-old Patricia DeVita, Theresa Schut, AJW, and many others. Check out the list! Bummer that my good friends Dave Heck-a-rad and Olga are not toeing the line, but sometimes that's how it goes and they're just saving up for another race down the line.

Wanna watch the race from the comfort of your lounge chair?

Well, you can watch for the runners to see who did what and in what amount of time.

I'm sending cheers and love and vibrant power on its way to the Grand Tetons, and wishing you all a safe and fun ultra.

Have Fun Fun Fun!


olga said...

Kisa, will be thinking of you - and rest assured, talking about you too! Off to a plain:)

leigh said...

Lisa, you have gotta do this one... amazing and during my final hours i kept thinking, Lisa was almost finishing up Badwater. 34 and a half hours was a very long trip for me. i will be back to cut it down next year. hope to see you there!