Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heat, families & friends

It was a record-breaking 101 degrees F today. Despite the quad strain, I knew I had to get in some running. I waited until the heat of the afternoon and took off down the Centennial Trail. I normally run on the country roads through the Palouse, but I wasn't confident in the leg or with my water supply. I knew I could get wet in the Spokane River along which the Centennial Trail runs if I needed. I also planned on running to the Idaho border, and there was a gas station where I could buy some Gatorade and get some ice.

The first mile was painful on the quad/ITB. It then "loosened up" a bit and I kept running, wise or unwise, I'd figured I'd just find out later. It was HOT. I had to soak my shirt and head in the River a couple of times and even the river water was only cool, certainly not cold. I slowly made my way to the state line and by 11 miles out, I had already run out of the 100 ounces of fluids I was carrying! So, I made my way to the gas station, only to realize I left my wallet in the car! Bummer! So, I just smiled nicely at the gas station guy and he let me fill up my bottles and bladder with ice water. Thank you!

I turned around at the state line and headed back. It was a little cooler on the way back so I picked up the pace. I felt my leg every step but it didn't feel any worse for the wear, so I kept on. It turned out to be a pretty slow 23 or 24 miles but that's ok; I was just out there for time on my feet in the heat.

The quad is sore now, but certainly not any worse than before the run, so it was wise to get in the miles. I'm satisfied.

The other thing I must mention (again) is how lucky I am to have such a fabulous support group of friends and family and even medical providers. Both my brothers and my mom are just so wonderful! And my friends....they are just the best. My massage therapist Garrick Thompson, my chiropractor Gina Wolf, and my physical therapist Larry Ham have all been incredibly generous, flexible, and supportive in getting me to the start line of Badwater. I am so grateful for all the loving and caring people in my life. I'm truly blessed, and know who you THANK YOU! I really love you all!

Badwater is just 2-1/2 weeks away. Prediction has it, it's gonna be a SCORCHER! I'm all for that!


Backofpack said...

I can't even imagine Badwater, because if you ask me, 101 is a scorcher!

I'm not sure the Centennial Trail was there when Eric and I lived in Spokane in the early 80s. I certainly don't remember it - I am assuming the one you were on hooks up to the one we ran on for the C'DA marathon - is that right? It's cool that you could go all the way to ID on it! Enjoy the heat!

olga said...

It is amusing that you can run "to state line", I found it so:) 101F is nuts! but then again, you're training for it. In fact, I have some rough pricing for BW from a friend now and begin to think more about applying. If you need any more motivation, your race will pre-determine my plan to go. Ha! talk pressure:)
It is time to taper and sit under the sun/in the sauna and bake, bake, bake. You will do fabulously. And your friends are blessed to have you (in fact, the whole community is blessed to have you answer any questions, and your patients for your carying, and people at the gas stations for your smiling).
Big hug (in which you may disappear, you tiny girl)!

Bob Gentile said...


GOOD JOB Lisa getting that HEAT Run in considering ur leg issue, glad things worked out...and yes looks like a BW Heat is UP Higher Year!!I agree with Olga we are blessed to have you in our lives, thank you!

ummm yes AC at night is ok, you have to get some good night sleeps in :-)

OK sweaty girl (I mean sweetie)-lol I am off to run in the FL heat and dodge the T-Storms which are really starting to piss me off!!

kelly said...

Hey Lisa, I will be cheering for you as you run Badwater!! I hope everything goes well for you. I have established a friendship with Arthur Webb and we are going to meet on Friday for a short run. He really likes you and he is getting ready to run also. He is so pumped about Badwater!! I hope your leg continues to feel better.

Mike said...


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Lisa B said...

Hi Michelle, the Cd'A Marathon is run on the ID portion of the Centennial Trail. Yep. And it goes all the way to West Spokane. Have no idea when is was "made" but it's a great place to ride a bike (and run if you like pavement).

Olga, thanks for the permission to sun bathe for heat training! Will you be my coach??!

Bob, thanks for the permission to use AC at night! Will YOU be my coach???

Kelly, Art & Christine are 2 of the most wonderful people. Art never ceases to amaze me each year with his Badwater buckle finishes. We ran the first part of the course together in 2004. What a dear, a true heart in the sport of ultramarathoning. Hope you had a good run with him on Friday!