Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brothers Rule!

Jeff is back! He's here until he leaves. He arrived Tuesday at 4pm after driving 31 hours straight through from Milwaukee, WI. He is, of course, with his best girl, Farkas, who is also Steely's best friend.

Jeff took me to dinner at Mizunas for fish and then this morning made me a Wisconsin omelet, which simply means "more than the average amount of cheese." Mmm. Good food. I stressed off a significant amount of weight and am working on getting my body back to health for running. Having Jeff here yesterday was the kick-off.

I strained my quad last week running some hills, nothing fancy. I took the week off from running but it still hurts. I chanced a slow junk-mile run today for 8 miles. It held up but is sore even now. Bummer, I had wanted to run long on it tomorrow. It's supposed to be 101 degrees here! So, in any case, I'll be outside. Even air conditioning inside. Tomorrow, my team of providers will work on me - my massage therapist and my chiropractor. Then I will try my run. Fingers crossed.

Sometimes all great plans for training slip away. It's good to remember not to let that get in the way of race day plans. Roll with it. Let it move you over. Go with it. Expect the unexpected.

Badwater is in 18 days. Wow. Just wow.


olga said...

Oh, how I know about training been interfered...good advice, Lisa! Hope your quad recovers under team's help and you can tackle Climb the Mt on Sat! Can't believe 18 days, huh! So looking forward following you, dear!

Bob Gentile said...

Glad ur Brother is in town Lisa, been thinking about you:-) Keep focused and keep that ac off--lol

Lisa B said...

Olga, you are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the phone call tonight.

Bob, the AC is friggin' off and it's hot and sticky in here. It was 101 today. Not all that hot but good enough for training! I think a little AC is reasonable for sleeping, eh??