Saturday, July 07, 2007

I ran 15 easy miles with Dave Remington, who is also running Badwater. We ran a 2.5 mile out-and-back on the Palouse, up and down the hill. The temperature was a "cool" 85 degrees or so and there was a light breeze. I certainly didn't break a sweat! Then again, our pace was slow and easy. I paid close attention to the left quad, knowing that it would act like tenditis again. That is, painful to start, then eases up as you warm up, and then painful again afterwards. Me, I had discomfort (can't really call it pain) at every step, both up and down, up being worse. I walked a lot. I was antsy. I wanted to run, Run, RUN down the country gravel road. But RESTRAINT is a good thing (remember?), and I kept it real easy.

After we finished, I was absolutely amazed that I hardly felt the quad! In fact, even now, it feels much better. Still there for sure. Gotta be careful, but it is much better (for now!).

So, I've changed personality types since my brother's been here. I've morphed from a Type A to a Type C. He works hard, plays hard, relaxes hard. He has cleaned the carpets, trimmed the willow tree, touched up the wall paint, and cooked me at least one meal every day so far! This morning we were out on the deck drinking coffee and reading the paper (I actually READ the PAPER!), which is something I haven't done for a long long long time. He then made me a "Egg in the Bread," which I haven't had in like 30 years! Here it is......YUMMM!!

Yep, he's fattening me up good for the race! :)


olga said...

Yay for a good quad! And for a bro who's fattenin' you up:)

David said...

It is called 'toad in the hole'.

Bob Gentile said...


Glad ur quad is feeling better!!

I think tomorrow for Breakfast I am going to have French toast... I been eating way to much cereal lately-lol maybe 2 eggs also...dam I need to go to sleep now so I can wake up and EAT :-)

dont have the skills to make egg in bread--hmmm how do u make it?

Lisa B said...

Fat toad in the hole. That's what I'll call it!

It's simple, Bob (though I'm sure I would find a way to burn it or something). I don't have much in the way of cooking skills either. Learned helplessness I believe. Cereal is certainly one of my staples!

Bread & butter. Punch out hole. Crack egg in it. Cook. Take photo. Eat. Mmm.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...I am so looking forward to seeing you very soon.
It will be so fun running with you and not having you working:)

The heat has been great in the Tetons just the way we like it.
See you soon and enjoy your taper!


Lisa B said...

Thank you, Lisa Lisa Lisa!! See you there!