Sunday, February 18, 2007

"This is where you will win the battle -- in the playhouse of your mind."
-Maxwell Maltz

(the long and winding road through Death Valley goes on and on for as far as the eye can see)


Bob Gentile said...


is a COOL Pillow SOFT "white Line" to trot on in the cool Sun :-) on a wonderful July Day with some Friends and Family !

what do you see again? !


Lisa B said...

Why that's EXACTLY what I see too!

Bob Gentile said...

ok I thought U mentioned Barkley in your recent post but I never really LOOKED at it and didn't know what u meant... UNTIL I read that article last night from David Horton and then I googled it---JEEZ
LISA Wrote:I'm trying to decide about the Barkley. It's March 31st. I can't really justify taking off so many work days only to bushwack 20 +/- miles. I also am finding it hard to justify risking my ankle. My big race this year is Badwater and the Barkley is the polar opposite of that.

YES SAVE that Ankle Lisa-- do u know anyone personally who tried this Barkley Event??

it is soo nutz, actually (don't tell anyone I said this, But it does look kinda fun in that WEIRD way that we Love so well--haha) shhhhhhhhhh

LOL and what about that $1.60 entry fee oh I am sure there is a story behind that fee...the WHOLE event is a friggin story--

I seen one article about the 9 BOOK Titles he has on the course they where soo funny but now I can't find it :-(

Good Night


olga said...

It is one long road...but it has an end, one you are coming to this summer. Although the end never means stop, does it? :)

Lisa B said...

Correct, Olga! There is NO finish line!