Friday, February 16, 2007

4 ladies and a guy

Today it reached 48 degrees! The SUN was oh so bright in the blue sky! I meant to sleep in (until about 8 am) but I could not; the sun woke me up.

Today was supposed to be an easy day of running per the Coach, but I was invited to run with the ladies this morning. How could I pass that up? I met Gunhild, Jane, Sylvia, and lone man Dennis at the club at 9:30. I was the youngest by far, but these ladies hold all sorts of age group records and can whip my butt.

We ran one of the usual Hilby-Big Rock routes but added Sharon and Steven Creek Roads for an even 15 miles.

This was my first official Badwater training run (not that anything was any different except for the fact that I am officially on the roster for this year). I did some "mental training" by running on the white line. Now, we just need a 90 degree temperature swing!

How about this boy's horns!!


Bob Gentile said...

Nice Run... Way to go!!

LOL funny about the practice pic on the white line :-)Get MENTAL baby!!

and dang those are some HORNS--jeez

Triteacher said...
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Triteacher said...

Is there seriously some training benefit to running on the white line? (I'm ignorant, I admit it! Gullible too??)

Lisa B said...

Hi Triteacher,

No training benefit, just cooler on the feet - seriously. The asphalt gets over 200 degrees! Running on the white line IS cooler on your feet over the course of 135 miles.