Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2007 Badwater Ultramarathon Roster

The 2007 Badwater Ultramarathon Roster was posted today:

Male: 72
Female: 18
Rookies: 43
Veterans: 47
Avg Age: 47.1

(pic: Badwater '04 start line: Art Webb, me, Marshall Ulrich)

M/F Name City State Country Nationality Vet?
F 50 Noora Alidina Palm Harbor FL USA Jordan Yes
M 60 David Balsley New York NY USA USA No
M 49 Todd Baum Fayatteville NY USA USA No
M 30 Blake Benke New York NY USA USA No
M 58 Vito Bialla Tiburon CA USA USA Yes
F 44 Marianne Blangy Chaussin Bourg. France Yes
F 39 Lisa Bliss Spokane WA USA USA Yes
F 49 Bonnie Busch Bettendorf IA USA USA Yes
M 64 Ruben Cantu Atoka TN USA USA Yes
M 36 Ludovic Chorgnon La Ville Aux Clercs France Fr No
M 35 Mark Cockbain East Hunsbury NO UK UK Yes
M 57 Henri Alain D'Andria Bouches du Rhone France Fr No
F 32 Jamie Donaldson Littleton CO USA USA No
F 45 Barbara Elias Yuma AZ USA USA No
M 44 Charlie Engle Greensboro NC USA USA Yes
M 65 Don Fallis Kaneohe HI USA USA No
F 46 Shannon Farar-Griefer Hidden Hills CA USA USA Yes
M 47 Christian Fatton Noiraigue Neuch Switzerland Switz No
M 63 Holger Finkernagel Bad Berleburg Germ Germ Yes
M 42 Martin Franklin Aspen CO USA USA No
M 57 Eberhard Frixe Meine Nied. Germany Germany Yes
F 36 Anita Marie Fromm Manitou Springs CO USA USA Yes
M 56 Chris Frost Malibu CA USA USA Yes
M 32 David Goggins Chula Vista CA USA USA Yes
M 54 Philippe Grizard Chaussin Bourg. France France No
F 45 Dagmar Grossheim Gaefenberg Bayern Germ Germ No
M 29 Jonathan Gunderson San Francisco CA USA USA Yes
M 43 David Harper Clermont FL USA USA Yes
M 44 Jan Herrmann Killara NSW Australia Germany No
M 55 Achim Heukemes Gaefenberg Bayern Germ Germ Yes
M 52 Gary Hilliard Sierra Madre CA USA USA No
M 51 Stephen Hudgens Fort Worth TX USA USA No
M 50 Jack Humphrey Louisville CO USA USA Yes
F 48 Jamie Huneycutt Fayateville AR USA USA No
M 47 Hugh Hunter Remagen-Bandorf NRW Germany UK No
M 62 Frank (Jim) Ingalls Wichita Falls TX USA USA Yes
M 49 Scott Jacaway Downers Grove IL USA USA No
M 54 David Jones Eagleville TN USA USA Yes
M 33 Scott Jurek Seattle WA USA USA Yes
M 44 Dean Karnazes San Francisco CA USA USA Yes
M 49 Tim Kjenstad Henderson NV USA USA Yes
M 32 Akos Konya Oceanside CA USA Hungary Yes
M 44 Gabor Kozinc Pasadena CA USA Hungary No
M 33 Brian Kuhn Champaign IL USA USA No
M 28 Pasi Kurkilahti Vierumaki Heinola Finland Finl No
F 46 Anne Langstaff Alpine CA USA USA Yes
M 24 Adam Lint Indiana PA USA USA No
M 37 Gerhard Lusskandl Ober-Grafendorf Nied Austr Aus No
M 48 Dan Marinsik San Jose CA USA USA Yes
F 30 Kira Matukaitis Alexandria VA USA USA No
F 44 Linda McFadden Modesto CA USA USA Yes
M 44 Frank McKinney Delray Beach FL USA USA Yes
M 47 Manoel de Jesus Mendes Brasilia DF Brazil Braz Yes
M 55 Adalberto Mendoza Burbank CA USA Mexico Yes
M 69 Peter Meyer Frankenthal Germany Germany No
M 37 Anton Millar Bryanston Gauteng S Africa S Afr No
M 33 Kent Moeller Tilst Denmark Denmark No
F 58 Annie Monot Chalon sur Saone France France No
M 63 James Moore Bowie MD USA USA No Retired
M 44 Nellisery (Nattu) Natraj Lafayette CO USA India Yes
M 45 Tim Neckar Houston TX USA USA Yes
M 54 Klaus Neumann Stuttgart BadWue Germany Germ No
M 43 Valmir Nunes Santos SP Brazil Brazil No
M 50 Pierre Ostor White Bear Lake MN USA France Yes
F 51 Monica Otero Santanna deParnaiba SPaulo Brazil Br No
M 39 Jorge Pacheco Los Angeles CA USA Mexico No
M 56 Ian Parker Irvine CA USA United Kingdom Yes
M 39 Adilson Jose Pereira Pocos de Caldas MG Brazil Br No
M 67 Fred Pollard Brea CA USA USA No
M 39 Greg Pressler Portland OR USA USA No
M 53 John Radich Monrovia CA USA USA Yes
M 40 Kim Rasmussen Allinge Denmark Denmark No
M 66 Dave Remington Spokane WA USA USA Yes
M 47 John Rennison Hamilton ON Canada Canada No
M 49 Neil Runions Calgary Al Canada Canada Yes
F 45 Nikki Seger Chicago IL USA USA Yes
M 70 Robin Smit Fresno CA USA USA Yes
M 42 James Smith Superior CO USA USA Yes
F 46 Lisa Smith-Batchen Jackson WY USA USA Yes
M 41 Brett Sublett Durango CO USA USA No
M 41 Steve Teal Phelan CA USA USA Yes
F 45 Tracy Thomas Champaign IL USA USA No
M 49 Tom Triumph Mountain Lakes NJ USA USA No
M 56 Marshall Ulrich Idaho Springs CO USA USA Yes
M 48 Albert Vallee Chauvigne Bret. France France Yes
M 38 Jerry C. Vondruska Bloomingdale IL USA USA No
M 65 Arthur Webb Santa Rosa, CA USA USA Yes
M 54 Scott Weber Dunsmuir CA USA USA Yes
M 56 Erhard Weiss Siselen Siselen Switzerland Germ Yes
M 48 Danny Westergaard Rolling Hills CA USA USA No

Countries: 15
Australia: 1
Austria: 1
Brazil: 4
Canada: 2
Denmark: 2
Finland: 1
France: 7
Germany: 8
Hungary: 2
India: 1
Jordan: 1
Mexico: 2
South Africa: 1
Switzerland: 1
United Kingdom: 3
USA: 54
Canadian Provinces:
Alberta: 1
Ontario: 1

American States: 21
Arkansas: 1
Arizona: 1
California: 22
Colorado: 8
Florida: 3
Hawaii: 1
Iowa: 1
Illinois: 2
Maryland: 1
Minnesota: 1
North Carolina: 1
New Jersey: 1
Nevada: 1
New York: 3
Oregon: 1
Pennsylvania: 1
Tennessee: 2
Texas: 3
Virginia: 1
Washington: 3
Wyoming: 1


olga said...

Can you think staright here for a second - Jurek plans to crank a CR after running/racing a HR? Man, I wish I could witness it! BTW, I checked on coming over to BW - and it's the same week as PCT 50/50. I am afraid I am needed here, kinda...shoot, where is time in life?

Bob Gentile said...

USA USA USA GO GO GO!!! Represent well my friend :-)...I know U will!

Lisa B said...

Olga, wild to think about, eh? Yes, Scott's double will go down in history, but I don't think he's going to have an easy win at Badwater. I do think he'll do it, but it's gonna be work. There are a few other exceedingly strong runners in the competition. My money's on Scott though. Tune into the webcast for updates; your needed at the PCT 50/50.

Lisa B said...


USA will do well; we always do! With the likes of Jurek and Thomas on our side, we can't go wrong.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Jurek is doing the Hardrock and Badwater double for attention. The fast and talented runners don't do these "stunts" because they don't have to.

Lisa B said...

Anon -

I think Jurek is doing the "double" because he is fast and talented.

Bob Gentile said...

hmmm is Jurek is doing the Double at Badwater? is there a article on that or on the Badwater site I didn't see that news.

...and I have my glasses on too :-)

but wow should be something to see!

I agree Lisa he is a Fast, Talented, determined MACHINE!

Lisa B said...

Jurek is doing the Hardrock-Badwater "double," both races, just 9 days apart. Not an official "double," but 2 races that are known to be extremely difficult. Thing that makes these races so difficult is that they don't just require speed. They also require endurance and an athleticism that can adapt to the extreme environments (HR - altitude, BW - heat). 2 very different races, 2 very different training methods...very difficult to do (never mind that he has only 9 days to recover from one before starting the next.).

olga said...

I think Scott is doing this double because he wants this challenge. He had challenged himself in many various ways now and is looking for new ones. He doesn't need more attention - heck, he's got it if he ever wanted it! He loves trying things he hasn't done before and wonders if he could. And yes, he can - my money is on Scott too, Lisa! I don't think anybody can ever say Jurek tries to draw attention to himself by doing stunts. After all, he is no Dean - although I've got nothing against Dean either. I'd love to throw in a challenge like that on myself.

olga said...

Hey, just in time - interview with Scott:

Lisa B said...

Very nice interview. Thanks, Olga.