Saturday, February 24, 2007

ACSM Exercise & Fluid Replacement Stand

(Urine from a mildly dehydrated runner at the Badwater Ultramarathon)

The American College of Sports Medicine just released a new Position Stand on exercise and fluid replacement:

I like it because this new Stand recognizes that there can be NO one-size-fits-all recommendation for athletes. It acknowledges the medical risks of both dehydration and overhydration. It also acknowledges that due to cumulative effect, small and INSIGNIFICANT errors in hydration at the shorter distance events can turn into significant errors in LONGER distance events, such as the ultramarathon.

A nice addition is that the Stand reports the weight of the evidence on which recommendations are made.

(note: AVP = ADH = Anti Diuretic Hormone)

(This is what we drank after working at and running Badwater in 2006. Careful...don't want to confuse the goods!)


Bob Gentile said...

ok I need the cliff notes version what does this New Stand mean? for an ultra runner at badwater this year 07'or any other ultra races in 07' vs last few years...lamens terms for us newbies Miss Doc :-)

is it a more protective measure, something for the doctors at the aid stations to watch out for? hmmm are my questions looking foolish yet--lol well really don't care...i have asked way worse questions then this in the past-haha


Triteacher said...

Oh my, don't drink the water! I love your excitement re: Badwater. You're making it easy to live vicariously. :)

Lisa B said...


There are a couple of sports organizations that periodically publish "Stands," i.e. summaries of what they believe are the best recommendations for athletes in regards how to hydrate, etc. (They take "stands" on many other topics too.) Stands/recommendations are modified when new information is learned from research and experience.

The ACSM stand on this is just a published position paper, though it will now be contested and argued and compared to the's how we keep ourselves busy while learning a little in the meantime. :)

Read it. It just gives recommendations about how an athlete should stay hydrated and monitor hydration. It used to say, "drink this much," but now it says, "drink what you need, not too much, not too little." There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation any more because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Everybody's different. What works for one athlete can kill another.

Sports medicine docs, coaches, trainers, physiologists, aid station personnel...anybody can use these summaries as guidelines. Athletes can certainly use them too! Some like to read this stuff; others just like to run and not worry over the details. I think somewhere in between is a good thing. It's good to at least be aware of the big issues like dehydration and overhydration.

Anyway, that's what the Stand is there for. That said, it's a summary; I can't summarize it any more than the authors. :)

Hope I haven't confused you more!

Lisa B said...

Hi tt - It does get so exciting! Just wait till the race date gets closer..... :0

Bob Gentile said...

thanks Lisa...

I will read it and I think I under"STAND" what you just said--LOL


olga said...

I'll do my best to meet you around there!

Bob Gentile said...

helloooooooooooooooooo Lisa where are you?

I am getting tired of opening your blog and SEEING the PEE PEE Cup sample--LOLOL

Ok just saying Hello, Hope ur having a good week!


Maxima said...

Interesting to know.