Friday, March 02, 2007

Peeps are tired of looking at pee. So, how about THIS least until I have some time for a real post?

This Biffy in a Jiffy picture is from the 2004 Americana Relay, which was a 220 mile relay from Nelson, BC to Sandpoint, Idaho. Instead of having the traditional 12-person team, we had 4 "ultra" ladies. We each ran 50-60 miles and finished 4th place overall, finishing in like 36 hours. The other teams hated us when we'd pass them up on the road. What a fabulous time we had! The "Quad Squad" ladies ruled!

(pic: Me, Gunhild, Cheryl & Wendy)

I'll be back for more. Y'all come back now too, ya' hear?

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Bob Gentile said...

ok that is much better :-) a pink pisser--haha

WOW that is a great relay YOU 4 Girls ROCKED it!! ... too funny about the 12 person teams.

Sounds like you had a blast!