Saturday, December 30, 2006


I am a perfectionist. It runs in the family. I see it in my brother. I realize that we both see things the same way. We even perceive color the same way. It's cool.

David playfully taunts my perfectionism. We have a massive willow tree that grows quickly and sheds all over the yard. Last summer, he was trimming the trees in the yard and I was sitting on the porch reading. He trimmed the weeping branches and purposefully left one branch uncut! He laughed and taunted, and it drove me friggin' NUTS! Later in the year, he did it again. He doesn't tell me; I just notice it. It's the way I am. I am a perfectionist. I feel more normal with my brother around because he's a perfectionist too.


Bob Gentile said...

lol that's a great pic....ya I would be all over that hanging branch.

You should of seen me paint two different colors in my bedroom a few months ago --whew I taped and re-taped went it bleed through and ONLY me would have noticed the difference BUT when it was done it looked perfect - lol to us perfectionists :)

olga said...

David would drive me nuts too:) In a good way. Sometimes these are the couples that survive the best.