Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Friends and family for the holidays

David and I went to Chicago and Wisconsin to visit friends and family for the holidays. We got to see baby Camille and she is just beautiful (as is her mom!). Here's a picture:

Visiting Mom and my older brother was also loads of fun. I even squeezed in a couple of short runs. Of course, I ate too much. Why do we always do that?

Jeff is still here finishing up a couple more rooms. What a nice treat to come home to a freshly painted house! He'll likely stay for another day or two, at least till the passes clear a bit from the new snow. He's out with a girl maybe he'll stick around even longer...

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olga said...

What a nice brother you have! I want one - I need lots of painting, send him south, please:)
Spending holidays with family is always heartwarming. Good for you!