Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

2006 was a great year. It was a bit tough only because I couldn't seem to get back to running well after my ankle surgery. In fact, I'm still no where near 100%. Despite that, however, less running meant more time for important things like family, friends, and getting organized at home. Work was successful, as were my volunteer positions as Medical Director of Badwater and Western States. I even had time to do some research, but I haven't had time yet to analyze the data!

I had such a great time at Badwater this year. It was one of the funnest (sic) events of the year. I was so proud of the medical team. Not to brag, but the team rocked...and we had LOADS of fun too. It's neat how close you can get to your fellow "medics" when you are working 60+ hours in extreme conditions. It was very cool how, when we were exhausted, working into our 3rd day, we decompensated into HUMOR. No one got snippy or crappy. We just had tons of fun. My Badwater "family" is so dear to me. From pre-race to post-race, I really enjoyed the experience immensely. It is one of my 2006 highlights.

Of course, there were many, many other great moments and experiences in 2006, way too many to list. I definitely enjoyed supporting David at his races this year. CCC was the best for me because I was there only to support him and not to run myself. I was proud of his finish because it is such a tough race and he had a Western States DNF just a couple of months before that.

My family is small. I do not have an extended family. They "divorced" me when my parents got divorced when I was 16. So, the family that I have is very important to me. My mom is a fun-loving, hard-working foxy lady with a heart of gold,

and you have already been introduced to my younger brother (for whom I eagerly sewed a button on his sport coat for his New Year's party tonight). I was so glad to see my older brother this year too and spend some time with him.

One of my lessons learned this past year was in PATIENCE. I learned about patience with my running setbacks and comebacks, and I felt deep gratitude for what I am able to do...because for a while, I was unable to do it. We are very lucky to have the ability to run and be so active and enjoy the outdoors and to share our experiences with one another. I am so very grateful for my health.

My wish is that we all experience moments of true peace and gratitude and love of family and friends. The intangible things are what matter most. So, hug a friend, kiss your spouse, cuddle your pet, thank your parents, help a colleague, and smile at a stranger. If we all did this, just a little more often, the world would be a bit more peaceful.

I wish you all a very peaceful and love-filled New Years!


olga said...

Wonderful wish, Lisa. Happy 2007 with no injuries, lots of patience, health, love.
Your mom rocks!

Bob Gentile said...

Patience... yes always a constant battle but something we all need to work on daily...

Have a blessed NEW YEAR and lot's of healthy RUNS!!