Wednesday, September 07, 2011


It's a very scary word.

I have had several friends face the diagnosis and treatment of cancer this year.

And another friend was just recently diagnosed. Stage 3 Intraductal Carcinoma. Breast cancer.

Connie is my friend and affectionately referred to by me as my "partner in crime" from high school. We were very close.

Life separates people as we "grow up" and families are born and jobs take us across the US, far away from each other.

But despite this, you never lose a dear friend, they are always there. And when there is a celebration or a time of need, a friend will be there. No matter what.

Connie has a sweet daughter, Chloe. Her picture is on her blog page, which was set up by Connie's sister as a means of communication to family and friends about her health and treatments. It's also for family and friends to be able to come to a shared spot to give their support and love.

It also accepts financial donations to help offset this pending medical bill.

Connie has already had surgery and is back to work. Further work-up and maybe even additional surgery are pending, and then treatments start. She is positive and optimistic. Who wouldn't be? She has a beautiful daughter to smile with every day.

You don't know Connie. Heck, you may not even know me! Buy I bet you know someone with cancer. Maybe we can help each other, make the world a more loving place. Pay it forward.

If you would like, the blog site is accepting pay pal donations. I personally know that a bunch of little donations, even $10, can add up to a whole lot of help and security for someone, or a family. So, with Connie's reluctant permission, I am making her site available to all who read here. Whether a donation or a prayer, if you wish to help, please do.

GO HERE to help.

And thank you for taking the time to read this. Even just reading and caring make a difference.

I believe that.


Brett said...

I just threw some money their way. They'll probably have no idea who it was or where it came from...but thats kind of the point. Best of luck to her, I visited the blog and it seems so far so good with followup tests and procedures...

Lisa B said...

Thank you for making a difference, Brett. Your kindness is very much appreciated. All the best to you.

Kendall K said...

My wife recently had Mose surgery for the removal of some skin cancer on her chin. Turned out to be larger than expected, but only local to that area. Prognosis is excellent. When visiting family in Kansas, I learned my cousin was in a difficult battle with a form of leukemia. A frightening number of people in that region of Kansas have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer - most my age or slightly older, but not my mother's generation. There is a question in many minds regarding the affects of the chemicals used in farming as most people in this area are and have been associated with the agriculture industry. Makes one wonder.