Sunday, August 07, 2011

And just like that it was over

I completed the unaided, self-contained crossing of Death Valley to the summit of Mt. Whitney. I will try to find time to write up a report.

For now, I will say it was brutally tough and worth every step.

Thank you so much to my dearest Tim Englund, William Holmes, Jeff Sauter, Danny Westergaard, Bill Latter, Ben and Denise Jones, and all those who supported me.

Special thank you to the kids at Crosswalk.

Here is a link to Dr. Ben Jones photos, which also include photos from Danny Westergaard:

Dr. Ben Jones's picture documentary.


Olga said...

Simply incredible and no words. Lisa, you are Da Woman!

Rick Mannino said...

Hey Lisa,
May you be injury free, and blessed for your efforts. I watched your progress, and knew you must be hurting on the mountain- especially spending the night up there. Altitude sickness is common, and grueling- I hope you were spared of that. I did the Whitney hike shortly after riding Deathride (Markleeville) years ago, and have not forgotten it. I remember dawn looking up from Lone Pine. I know that when I have done difficult things, long afterward I mostly remember the beautiful images... (that I may not have appreciated so much at the time). The desert at night must be like that, with the stars. Take care of yourself; I take great pride that Spokane hosts one of such high caliber as you. Blessings, Rick

Sean said...

Lisa - congratulations on your accomplishment. I followed you every step of the way. I look forward to reading your report.


Wow! you are amazing! I never even heard of your undertaking (media wise)... till I read your blog.

Mike said...

"brutally tough and worth every step"....Awesome!!

Rich Stiner said...

Congrats Lisa, I was honored to run a short bit with you thru Death Valley, it was the highlight of my vacation. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Rene Guerrero said...

IMPRESSIVE!! Congratulations!!