Monday, September 14, 2009

Wrap up

It's been a while since I've been here. Kinda hard to juggle everything when I ramped up my training the past two weeks before my taper here for the Spartathlon.

...I know... two weeks? That's it? Well, yes and no. I've trained the best I could, putting in some high mileage weeks, but I wasn't able to do it consistently because of work and travel to Europe and, well, a kidney stone. So, I increased the mileage these past couple of weeks, and now that my neuroma is good and flarin', I can start my taper and my caffeine wean (the hardest part about training for a major race!).

I've run up and down Mt. Spokane, lots of roads, back-to-backs, and I've tried to sleep to recover. Now, it's basically done except for the re-building of my body, feeding it well, sleeping when I can (yeah, right!), and wrapping up real life here too so that we hop across the pond for the second time this month.

Yesterday was very nice. I had already put in my training miles, so Tim and I took Izzy out for a spin. It was very nice to do something "normal." We made the 30 mile round-trip ride to the bike store for some supplies. Izzy's a heavy steel tandem...great on the downhills. On the uphills, however...whoa! Try a 15% grade climb on a tandem! 'Twas fun. I think my legs are sorer today that after my last long run.

Here's the link for the Spartathlon. They have a Live Update. I'm number 90. My goal is to finish. That's all.

Good luck to all runners!


olga said...

Lisa, I missed you. Keep thinking need to call, but this life is, indeed, busy. Run well, don't think about anything - just the way you always do!

Jamie Donaldson said...


Could you and Tim get any cuter in that picture?! Go out there and do what you do! You will be fantastic! Have fun too!

Backofpack said...

Just go easy on those pre-race runs this year, okay? Have a great trip and a fantastic run!

Lisa B said...

I'll be in Austin in Oct, Olga. Maybe I can see you!!??

Thanks for the manifesto, Jamie. Coming from you sure helps to motivate!

Thanks Michelle. I'm going on strict beach rest in the days before the race. Bummer, huh? :)

olga said...

Yes, we'll meet up for sure! 512-810-0012. Call me, I'll put it on the calendar!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Spartathlon NÂș 16 wishes you a fantastic race!!! (We bumped into each other in Chamonix whilst out training near Les Houches, remember????) Did Tim enjoy the UTMB? Best wishes, Mark.

Lisa B said...

Hi Mark! Great job at CCC!

Yes, Tim enjoyed UTMB a lot. Looks like we might be going back next year too. :)

Safe travels. See you in Greece!

Anonymous said...

Good luck from Greece. I'm Soula from Greece. I have been reading your comments for a month now. I will be watching you at the race and if I can make it I will be there. I am running too but I have only finished marathons.

Dances with Corgis said...

What a cool tandem bike!

Do you know the overall weight?

Chris Roman said...

Great vibes your way for Greece, jealous.

Heading to NC tomorrow for 24h round' Hinson Lake, weee.

May get some good news regarding Boston soon, will keep you in the loop :)

Lisa B said...

Dances, I think the bike must be 50 pounds. Uphill, it feels like 100!

Thanks, Chris! Best of luck at Hinson!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, come prepared for bad weather. Heavy rain is forcast for saturday.

Lisa B said...

Thanx 007!

That One Guy said...
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