Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Adventure has begun!

Tim, Glenn and I are on our way to Greece. It's always so hard to sleep on a plane, so it's nice that there is WiFi.

The Spartathlon is Friday, September 25. I think it starts at 6 am. (Greece is 10 hours later than PDT.) It starts at the Parthenon in Athens and winds its way down to Sparta, 246 km south (153 miles). There is a 36 hour cutoff with fairly stringent cutoffs en route.

The long-range forecast is predicting thunder showers for Saturday, but that certainly could change by then.

If you want to follow the race, there is a live webcast HERE. You can get the list of participants and see when the get through the checkpoints (cp's).

Here's the American contingent:

John Price #55
David Kamp #113
Adrian Belitu #230
Kira Matukaitis #231
Chad Ricklefs #236
Bob Becker #243
Lisa Bliss #90