Monday, February 02, 2009

Winter Weekend Getaway II

Wanna see more pictures of Red Rock Canyon? You know you do!

Go HERE for more!

(pic: Drymax socks ROCK!)


AnthonyP said...

Awesome pics Lisa !

Journey to a Centum said...

All that blue sky and sun just can't be good for you!


JeffO said...

Nice pics!
But, uh, one of your legs needs shaving. Is this a Seinfeld moment? (Man-hands)
Oh - I get it.
Sorry, Lisa - couldn't resist. I'm such a knucklehead.

I'm very jealous of your warm-dry terrain, this time of year.

Lisa B said...

Ha! Pretty funny, you guys! Thanks Tony (and good luck at RR!). Eric, the brilliant blue sky is NOT good for me - at least not in getting me back to reality here in Spokane. Jeff - I literally laughed out loud. Thanks. :)

Laura H said...

Pretty cool pics! I was glad to see Tim finally put some cover on his bare pate! I'd be curious to know how long the solar charge lasts. Ours seems to have waned by the end of January. Maybe have to hit Red Rock for more! Ha1