Sunday, February 08, 2009

Drymax socks rock!

I am so pleased to be sponsored by a company that I completely believe in. Their products are simply the best. I have tried and tested these socks and they work, they do what they claim to do: whisk moisture away from the foot and the inner sock to the outer sock. The foot stays dry.

I have run 100-mile races in the rain, I've slogged through 50 miles of slippery mud, I've run in Death Valley several times, both on payment and on the sandy trails. I have not had a single problem with these fabulous socks. They protect my feet completely, and I no longer ever worry about blisters getting in the way of my races.

Yes, I used to have blisters, lots of them. I'd even get them on 20-mile training runs. Now, it never even crosses my mind that I may get a blister...because I don't.

Cool weather socks, warm weather socks, different thicknesses, different lengths. They fit snug and are supportive, and hold up to multiple washings. The Trail Socks are my favorites.

I have tried every sock on the market, from Injinjis to Smart Wool to Double Layer Wright Socks and many more. I stopped trying other socks altogether. I don't even think about whether there may be a better one out there. That's because Drymax are the best. There is no better.

For that reason, I am proud to be sponsored by Drymax for 2009.

If you haven't tried them, you might want to... :)

Drymax Socks is true to its claim. It promises the best and it delivers.

Check out their WEBSITE.
Check out their BLOG.


AnthonyP said...

Congrats on the sponsorship. I love Drymax Socks. I have had no issues whatsoever since switching to Drymax. I always had blister problems on the tips of my toes that drove me nuts. I used the Drymax Trail Socks for the entire Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Run this weekend - not a single blister on my toes.

olga said...

Lisa, that is wonderful and you and Jamie are the most deserving athletes ever! You are great runners, nicest people, and always so promoting the socks to others, the whole business exists because of you! Congratulations! And thanks for introducing me to Drymax socks as well!

Ian said...

Lisa. Congratulations on your Drymax sponsorship.

Thank you for introducing them to me also. Sure I might not run your distance but my wife is happy my feet are shall we say much fresher. The folks at Drymax are great people too and their product rocks - even told them such.

Lisa B said...

Thanks for your input! That's great, Tony, about no blisters despite your blistering sub-24 at RR. Olga, you are always so sweet and generous. I can't wait to see you at Pac Rim. And Ian, fresh is good and the wife's opinion is what matters most, right? :)