Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moose hunt on the mountain (with a camera, that is)

I went up the mountain with Gunhild yesterday. We were looking for some meese that hang out up there. The last time Gunhild was snow-shoeing up there, a moose blocked her path just 20 feet in front of her. It didn't even move until it was ready. So, she had the exciting chance to watch it up close for a long time.

It's been awhile since I've been up on the mountain. Mostly because of my gimpy ankle. We climbed up, ran the ridges, and descended on the snowy, sometimes ice-packed trail. My weak ankles needed the rehabilitation training.

It was spectacular. We were dusted with glistening snow flakes and the snow was like a blanket of peace. Very nice.

Of course, Steely was in heaven too.

We'll go back soon to look for the moose again. I'll let you know if we see him.


AnthonyP said...

I love the pic of Steely getting some water from your bottle !

Ian said...

Laura and I saw a moose when we was in Yellowstone. Amazing animal but not to be messed with. Good luck on your (camera) hunt Lisa.

PS Whats that white stuff - yeah it has all melted here LOL (know I'll regret saying that)