Saturday, October 11, 2008

Love my furry kids!

I missed my dogs while away in Greece. When you don't have kids, dogs become your furry kids and you take pictures of them for your blog. :)

I have rested the ankle completely for 2 weeks. There is still tenderness but no swelling. The bruising is nearly gone. I think it's good enough for a test. Maybe a couple of miles. Time to get used to running in the cold. It always takes a while for me to adjust. Ugh.

(Zappa runs like the wind! It's beautiful to see.)


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Lisa,

Furry Kids are the BEST! My furry (just like yours) every so often get highlighted in my blog and have their pictures on the side bar.

So I am curious, do your furry kids read? You have sign that says "Wipe your paws". Our "kids" either a) do not read or b) are ill behaved because they do not wipe their paws before entering our house and in fact may spite us sometimes by purposesly bringing in dirt, leaves, etc...:-)

I hope your ankle is all better now. It was really smart to listen to your body at Greece...that way I can see you Death Valley and Vegas.


Lisa B said...

Hi Tammy, I left you a note on your blog too. Wow! You run a lot! Very cool. My dogs don't read, not even close. I don't worry much though. I figure you can always clean a carpet. Let the furry kids have fun. Life is short.

Cool you are doing the DV-Vegas double too. I haven't made definitive plans but think I'll make it. See you there!