Monday, October 13, 2008

Back in the game

I rested the ankle since I've been home. I was itching to run just a few days after being back and I FELT like my body was completely recovered. But I know better than that. And the ankle didn't need the impact of running. So, I
"exercised" restraint and didn't run at all. I should have crossed trained, but didn't, feeling like I was in an all-or-nothing mode. I enjoyed the break, had so much extra time to catch up and even relax.

I meant to run Saturday but got distracted with errands and other excuses. But Sunday I laced up my shoes and tested the ankle on an easy 5-mile run. I felt great but was yet wary of the ankle because now I've got that PTSD thing going on again. It took me 2 years to get it under control after my surgery. See, it's not usually the rocky trails that give me trouble; it's the darn relatively flat forest service roads or similar where I take my eyes and concentration off the ground. That's where I usually bite it. But everything was fine yesterday and it feels no worse today. There is yet some achiness, but it's healing nicely. I can return to running gradually and continue my ankle range of motion, strengthening, and proprioception exercises that I know so well.

Mother Road is unfortunately no longer in the cards for me, but ATY definitely is!


olga said...

Lisa, glad to hear you tested, and it came out as a good one:) I tested too, not too thrilled about the outcome, but not bad either. Kind of mid-way with pain, and definitely way-down with loosing running fitness! Yikes!

AnthonyP said...

It sounds as if the rest was a good thing. Can't wait to see you perform at ATY !

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Hi. Just discovered your wonderful blog and wanted to comment on my/your ankle woes. I too sprained one ankle many times (soccer, running, walking across a perfectly flat sidewalk...). I wear an ASO brace most of the time when I run now because I just can't trust the thing not to flop over with little or no provocation
(as you say usually when you don't see any danger). I finished my first 50 miler Saturday (Dick Collins Firetrails) and was elated not to have ankle problems at least. On the bright side, the brace has saved me from further sprains on many trail runs over the last 2 years, and is so thin that it fits neatly in the shoe without much extra bulk. The ankle stills swells up a bit for unknown reasons (after a day of rest) after long runs, though there is no pain or mobility problem.

I hope this helps, and wish you a good recovery. Thanks for sharing.


UltraJohn said...

Hi Lisa, Sorry I won't be able to see you at Mother Road but you ARE doing the right thing. Come back easy and get strong and hopefully I'll see you at ATY (if I get in!).

Blog My said...

glad u got a good run in, welcome back!!

Lisa B said...

Olga, keep the faith. It sounds like there is progress. Restraint is so hard, I know, but less pain with your test is improvement. Keep the faith!

Hi Tony, yes, the rest was good. Now it's restraint in the come back....slow and easy. Harder than hard training IMO. :)

Hi Cynthia. Welcome to my blog! I have used the ASO extensively. It is the best running brace for ankles. I always (almost always) wear it on trails. Problem is, I can still roll my ankle in it. I tend to wear it loose because long runs (50 milers or more) and getting it wet cause chafing and pain at my tibialis anterior tendon (which is another thing I regularly have to manage). So, I wear it looser than I should, which defeats the purpose. The pivot brace I wore during the Spartathlon is 100% fool proof. Cannot roll the ankle in that for sure! I will go back to my ASO when ready. The other problem is, I have two left feet and can roll the ankle on flat surfaces, even just walking around my house, I've stepped on a dog bone, rolled it, and caused myself 2 weeks off from running. Thanks again for your post here. Please stop by again! And a hearty congrats on your first 50!!!

Hi John, yes, I'll see you at ATY. It will be my main focus now. Time to change it up though...flat, flat, flat, no hills and round and round and round in circles.... :)