Friday, July 20, 2007

Badwater bound!

(pic by Glenn: crew member #5 Glenn Tachiyama! - see below.)

So, I had a day filled with, uh "stuff." Some of the stuff was for race preparation. One of the good things I did was have the most awesome acupuncture treatment ever! Dang, it was good! I arrived feeling completely stressed with my mind spinning and my body tense, and Kimberly told me she was going to focus on "slowing me down by 3 speeds." She said I needed to relax and free my body of this stress in order for it to heal itself. Well, I was knew she was absolutely right; however, when she said that, I thought for a moment and I became a little anxious and replied, "well, don't slow me down too much because I have LOTS to do today!"

In a sympathetic manner, she smiled and shook her head and reassured me that's what I needed to heal. I knew she was right. Of course, I agreed. It was gloriously serene. I left with freed emotions and energy. I felt calm and much more like my normal self.

I then went to the KIX 96 radio studio and did a little fund-raising for the Team St. Lukes kids there. That was a great experience. I love to talk about what ultrarunning MEANS to me and how it is a microcosm of life. The peaks the valleys, the "walls," the reliance on your friends (at least at Badwater). It's a way of experiencing what it means to overcome and perservere...of experiencing what it means to choose how you respond to the environment around you. Commitment and inspiration. All these things are what ultrarunning is made of... just like life.

So, I started packing tonight. I've got a few more hours actually before I think I'll be done. It's tough to plan ahead for the race and also for Mt. Whitney. It's like two totally different back-to-back races: heat and sun of the desert, and elevation and possible storms and cold of the mountain. Larry Ham stopped by with his wife Debbie. She sewed some bandanas for me, like she did in 2004. She also made some kind of "tube top" out of the orange bandana that I will wear as a good luck charm from a good friend. Larry took many of my supplies so I can actually make it through the airport without killing my back. So, a bit more planning, packing and fine-tuning and I'll be ready for a few hours of sleep. I leave in the morning. .....I can't BELIEVE I leave in the morning!

(pic: This is how I packed in 2004. Everything in plastic baggies. It worked very well. I'll do the same this year.)

The medical supplies are all in place. We have an awesome medical team as usual. Highly experienced and skilled for in the field assessing and treating with the goal of getting runners back on the course if it is safe for them to do so.

Also, the research is all in place and we have almost all our subjects already recruited. We are again doing some "field" research and will be looking at fluid and electrolyte balance as well as some of the stress hormones in the body, including ADH, which can be an ultrarunner's nemesis.
(pic by Jamie Mieras) may have noticed (and I already mentioned it in my last post) that the very super cool and talented Glenn Tachiyama is on my crew! Yep. Am I lucky or what?? Glenn has been a true friend for many years now. He's one of the strongest yet gentlest people I know. He is an experienced ultrarunner who owns some darn fast finish times, and he is highly experienced at crewing some of the very best ultrarunners, including Scott Jurek many times, as I mentioned below. (I hope he doesn't get too bored crewing me!)

I will brag about him and the rest of my crew over and over again and again. Of course, all crews are awesome, but I am particularly grateful for my team of friends with whom I will share the journey across the the Valley and to the summit of Mt. Whitney. You all mean the world to me. I am overwhelmed by love and gratitude.

Ok. That's it.

To Death Valley!!


Don't forget to check in here for the Badwater webcast:


Backofpack said...

Organization via ziplock is the best way to go!

Best of luck Lisa, good times, good health and good running to you!

olga said...

Boys and gilrs will take an awesome care of you, Lisa, you just keep putting one foot in front of another!!! Fast, slow, run, crawl - who cares, it moves you towards the finish line, but yes, faster is better as it is less painful:) OK, what do I know? Go, Lisa and crew!!!

Bob Gentile said...

Best_EST wishes Lisa!, love that word Bestest :-)

Keep steppin' forward like Olga said all the way to the finish... look forward to following u guys on the web.

olga said...

Go, Lisa, 13 miles to the finish line, you can RUN that sucker up!!!

Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS, LISA!! Followed your progress the whole time - and am SO happy for you!! You ran a patient, incredible race from the looks of things - hope you and your fabulous crew had a great time out there and are busy celebrating (and sleeping)!!


Bob Gentile said...

Lisa said in Prior post:

I'm back. My mind is back.
I'm ready. I'm ready to run.
I'm eager. Eager for a great time in the desert.
I'm still training, just training the mind and for the heat.
I'm hopeful. Hopeful that I will be alright.
I'm free. No longer bound by negative thoughts of injury and failure.
I'm grateful, so overwhelmingly grateful for my awesome friends and family.

(can I ADD one more line please:-)

I'm the Badwater 07' Women's Champion :-)

Huge Congrats Lisa!!!!!

but umm NOW U have to come to the Grand TETON's event in Sept. for a Big HUG!! see ya next month, (sorry that's the price of being #1, U have to attend more events now and rub off on us -- hehe)

See ya soon!!

KendraBo said...

First woman?!! I am so proud! I am so in awe! Yay, Lisa!! Yay Team Lisa!!

mer said...

Lisa ~

Holy Mackeral! Stellar conquering of the body with the mind. CONGRATULATIONS!


Lori said...

I can't wait to see your race report! You rocked the course. Congratulations! Having just had ankle surgery in June, your performance gives me hope that I'll come back better than ever!

RR said...

Lisa YOU are a champion!

RR said...
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Lisa B said...

Thank you Michelle, Olga, Bob, Sarah, Kendra, Mer, Lori & Dave!!!

I had a race of a lifetime complete with a phenomenal crew and stars aligne.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to a report but I will post some pictures on line here.

Thank you thank you. Goog juju fer sure!! :)