Saturday, April 07, 2007

Not my day

Just a quick post here to say I didn't make it. I dropped after 7/10 loops, some 40+/62 miles due to dealing with stomach issues and vomiting for 5 loops. I'm not really sure what happened but couldn't keep ANYTHING down, not even my breakfast or sips of 7-up. I think it may have to do with the 5+ year old Clip I mixed up and drank the first loop. I basically was sick with gut cramping and vomiting (something that's NEVER happened to me before) and I lost all energy and slowed way down and started getting really cold as the afternoon turned to evening.

David dropped at 50k with leg/joint issues. I think a little over half the field finished, not a great finish rate given this was a national championship race. It was a tough tough course, mostly due to the chilling cold and the winds. I even heard a couple of the top elite runners cursing. I think the freezing temps made the asphalt and concrete surfaces all the more "stiff" and our shoes also didn't absorb the shock and hence leg and joint problems occurred. Perhaps that may have played a role in it. Still, it was just bitter cold in some areas. The rolling hills were not that bad, but over time, both the uphills and downhills took their toll on our limbs.

I am still feeling quite sick. I couldn't eat anything afterwards with my family, so I worry about the recovery of my muscles. I finally was able to choke down a regular 7-up to try to get some calories in me. So far, so good! But overall, I'm just not feeling good. This is very unusual for me, even at much greater distances. I'm now trying to sip a strawberry-banana smoothie for the electrolytes, (mainly) potassium, I certainly lost and could not replace. I think my electrolytes are all screwed up from the vomiting and gut problems. The smoothie seems to be helping and I'm staying up just to drink it.

Overall, the race was very well directed and Timo, the RD, did a fabulous job. Those volunteers that stood in the bitter cold air and wind deserve a year's salary for their efforts and graciousness! Holy Schmoly, they were sooo great! I wouldn't have lasted even 1/2 as long as a volunteer.

Greg crowther won in 7:14. Scott Jurek was second. The women did a great job as well. You may have seen the leader results already:

1 11 Y GREG CROWTHER Y 1 M-OPEN 7:14:31
2 27 Y SCOTT JUREK Y 2 M-OPEN 7:32:05
3 1 Y KEVIN SETNES Y 1 M50-54 7:51:49
6 47 Y CAROLYN SMITH Y 1 F40-44 8:36:39
7 23 Y ANN HEASLETT Y 2 F40-44 8:45:27

Full results with splits can be found here.

That's it for now. ..I'm 1/2 way done with my juice and so far it's staying down! I really hope it continues that way! :)

I've got some nice pictures to post later. Tomorrow is a travel and recovery day. Back to work on Monday.

Hope y'all enjoyed your Spring-like weather this weekend!


Bob Gentile said...

Happy Easter Lisa!!

I hope you feel better, has to be crazy hard to run a race like that if you can't keep anything in your system(need the fuel as U know ) and to top it off crappy cold weather, sounds like it was that first loop old drink mix that might have done it:-(

Have a safe trip back and look forward to seeing some pics!


deserttim said...

Sorry to hear about your stomach ails. As for the cold, I feel your pain. Our low this week in VEGAS BABY! dropped to the low 60's. BBRRRRRRR. 90's here we come.

D said...

Sorry Lisa. I hope you are feeling better.

Happy Easter.

GotLegs! said...

Lisa, sorry you had such a bad experience. I figured that most dropped because of the cold ... it sounded miserable. Add puking in a race ... I can relate - it sucks!

Get well, come back! *tc