Friday, April 06, 2007

Madison Madness!

Oh dear Lordy! It is friggin' C-C-C-OLD here! Forecast for the 6:30 am start tomorrow is for 1 degree F with the wind. Winds will be relentless at 20+ mph! Gusts will probably carry me into the Lake. It plans to top out at 17 degrees F with the wind. I'm going into despair mode, as I'm sure are many other entrants.

I had to bring out the winter gear to pack but I'm thinking I will need more than just a few layers. We're off to Fleet Feet for some winter running sales, including a warm hat. Then, it's to the cheese chalet and pre-race meeting.

Can I really run 62 miles in this? I'm not sure I want to even try. We'll see what happens...

Good news is...the sun's out. [forced smile]