Monday, April 30, 2007

Meet the crew - Dori Robertson (the "Dave Master")

So, what do you do when you've got a bunch of guys named Dave on your Badwater crew? That's 3 crews and pacers, including one crew chief, all guys, all named Dave (well, sort of)!

Do you think with these phenomenal Daves that this is as good as it could possibly get? Do you think there is no room for more perfection? (Is that an illogical question?)

So, what do you do when you've got 3 perfect Daves on your crew? Well, you get a "Dave Master!" A Dave Master is someone who balances the crew, smooths the crooks, levels the ground. And who better than to master the Daves but a WOMAN! And what better woman for the job than Dori Robertson.

Dori is a phenomenal ironman triathlete and ultramarathoner from Spokane. She is also a high school girls' track and field coach. She is also a Badwater crew/pacer veteran from last year. In fact, she was on Dave Bursler's team! I heard from Dave more than once that Dori was an indispensible member of the team. She paced Dave for over 70 miles...and crewed and worked on his knee....and helped him get that Badwater buckle.

Click here for a short coaching bio (top of page).

And here's Dori's team and there's Dori in the top right corner: Coach of the Year!

And dudes...check this out: WSU 100k course record holder

She's even won the "Black Toenail Division" of an "Ugliest Feet" contest! Now, THAT'S a SISTA' that I'll have on my Badwater crew!

NOW, I can finally say my Badwater crew and pacing team is complete. I've got 3 Daves and 1 Dave Master and we are ready to ROLL! We may not be the fastest team on the course, but Dang if we are not the team having the MOST FUN!!


Bob Gentile said...

LISA SAID:Well, you get a "Dave Master!" A Dave Master is someone who balances the crew, smooths the crooks, levels the ground. And who better than to master the Daves but a WOMAN!
LOLOLOLOL ahhh that is Perfect :-)

Welcome Dori, Keep those boys in line and if they get out of line you can show them the feet-Yikes, Dori's was nothing compared to some of those others--Geesh

Awesome Crew Lisa!!!!! I will be in DV camp this week and leave ya a Good Luck note behind mile marker 121 Cactus :-)

olga said...

I was wondering if you get a woman for all those boys:) Yay for Dori! But I can't see the pictures - my 'puter's problem?

Lisa B said...

OK, Olga, I fixed the pictures...but if you are here then you already know that. :)

Congrats on ZG. What a nice report. You are TUFF!

Lisa B said...

Bob, I thought the DV camp was this weekend and that you were already there. oops.

So, have fun, look up at the sky at night, embrace the heat, gaze into the horizon, stop and smell the cacti, EXPERIENCE Death Valley. It's so exotic and beautiful...

Say hi to my Dave #2 who will be there too!

olga said...

Got it!

Kendra Borgmann said...

Sweeeet, Lisa! But I bet I could give Dori a run for her money in the ugliest feet race. 4 of my toenails are already black and I'm not even up to speed yet. It's great to read your upbeat, energetic posts. So, now that there's a Dave Master, who will be the Dave Slave?

Lisa B said...

Ha! There are 4 Dave Slaves and 1 voyeur(me). :)

Funny how the feet lose their toughness with time away from running. Takes a while to toughen 'em back up...