Monday, March 12, 2007

How to Get Noticed at Badwater

One of the things that makes Badwater different from other ultras is that it is entirely on public roads. Aside from the runners' crew vehicles, there are locals and tourists on the roads, and some of those tourists drive damn fast and are clueless that there is a race going on.

The other thing that is different about Badwater is that even the top finishers at Badwater must run through the night.

(pic: Ferg Hawke and pacer at the 2004 race where he took 2nd place in 27:30)

So, there is need for all runners and pacers and crews to take extra precautions and BE SEEN!

The official Badwater rules state:

"Racers and crew members/pacers must wear reflective material facing in all four directions, as well as blinking LED lights facing front and rear, at night. Racers and crew members are encouraged to wear reflective material during the day as well."

So, we've got to GET NOTICED!

Here's what I have for me and my crew. I purchased these through and

1) The Firefly Wrist Bands

2) The Firefly Supernova (these tiny LEDs are HOT! My team and I are going to look like Christmas trees in the desert night. Oh yes, we will get noticed!)

3) Nite Ize LED Sport Vest

4) Amphipod Luminous-Light reflective vest

So, whether you are running Badwater or pacing and crewing someone, (or even if you simply run or ride at dusk or before dawn), you should wear reflective gear. It's good to BE SEEN AND GET NOTICED!


Cathy said...

I don't know what it is about those firefly supernovas? I love 'em. : ) They are great to clip to my dog's collar and I always have one on my pack in case I get caught out after dark.

Bob Gentile said...

yes I need a vest --I only have the reflective material from my shoes & on my running belt but I run some busy roads at night and we have a lot of OLD people here in FL

soooo Lisa what do you think???

I need a vest which one would U recommend??

-- we have our HOT season coming so want something really LIGHT and those supernovas light clips look neat I may order them too but want a vest as well ....wonder what size I guess a Large-- I always like things Loose on me-- I have a lot of shirts XL but I have gone from 182lb to 168ish so Large is fitting better and some XL's are hanging off me--LOL ... I am 5 10'

Thanks :-)

Lisa B said...

Bob, the Nite Ize should be great. I would stick to something very mesh-like like this one. I'll be wearing this in Death Valley so I suspect it'll do ok in the Florida heat wave! Not sure about the size tho. I just ordered it. When I get it, I'll have David try it on for size. He's a L too. The little lights rock. Cathy knows they're HOT too. But the vests are good for more visibility if you know you are going to be out for a long time.. and also if you will be running anywhere near those Florida drivers. :)

Kendra Borgmann said...

Hi Lisa! Speaking of doodads... I looked up the Tiger Tail and I didn't realize it's a lot like The Stick? I left my The Stick at my parents' house over Christmas and my mom found it in the closet. "I had to look it up online to see what it was for!" she said. I'm not sure what must have gone through her mind at first! Now she uses it. So I better get another one and use it as per your advice. :)