Friday, January 26, 2007

US Figure Skating Campionships - Spokane, WA

Spokane has the privelege of hosting the 2007 US Figure Skating Championships, and I had the honor of attending tonight. Tonight was the Senior Women's Competition and I was WOW'd! It was a fabulous show! There was so much talent, glitter and glam. These girls are fabulous.

17-year-old Kimmie Meissner won tonight. She was stunning in her poise and strength, making her triples look so easy. How she gets herself so high in the air - never mind landing on one thin blade - I cannot comprehend. My favorite performer was Emily Hughes who took 3rd place. It was her attitude that swept me away. She exuded joy and passion and the true grit of a winner.

And the little girls who swept the ice after each competitor, picking up the gifts that were thrown onto the ice, were just the cutest little things!

What a nice night we had!


olga said...

Lucky you! I love figure skating (I am Russian, you know, it comes with territory, I even took lessons for 2 years). But we don't even have normal TV, only 3 channels that come for free...

Bob Gentile said...

Ya I am always amazed how graceful they look on those skates and what they can do...never seen them Live yet, gonna have to add that to my list :-)