Saturday, January 27, 2007

Heat wave

I met Dennis and Gunhild at 8 am and we decided to run the Hangman Valley loop, a 13.3 mile loop on the roads with many very long hills and a couple of steep ones. I still have a viral cold that's been hanging on for over 2 weeks now, so I wanted to sleep this morning. However, I wanted more to run with friends for a change. I've missed the laughs that accompany our runs with Dennis.

It was 26 degrees F at the start of our run and 28 degrees when we finished 2 hours and 13 minutes later. 83% relative humidity and 5 mph winds. We ran 13.34 miles with 2,564 feet of total elevation change. I know all these details only because Gunhild is the master of GPS data. She even sent me this awesome map and details of the run!

I was a little slow on the uphills but I was able to hang on the flats and downhills. It was the first day in many where the sun came out. It was very bright and the snow glistened in the rays. It felt like a heat wave. The views of the palouse were outstanding.

The last mile my right hip flexor started to tweak so I slowed the pace, shortened my stride, and walked a bit. I had a massage later in the afternoon and by that time, I had no more hip flexor pain. I will be cautious tomorrow. I will run alone so that I can run to the beat of my own drummer this time.

What a fabulous run we had.


Bob Gentile said...

Great Run!! Looked like a nice challenge...

too much info on that GPS map, I checked it out--geesh amazing what technology can do now, as long as it doesn't run for us we will all be ok :-) ...a little sore yet healthy and feelin great!

did u see Catra's post yet? she ran with one of your pacer buddies today, Barb Elia

I may need to look into messages I can't remember the last time I got one, had to be over 15 years ago--lol

olga said...

Good run, and say hi to Gunhild next time you see her.
I had hip flexor twitch yesterday after my long run as well. Is it as contagious as cold? Speaking of which, feel better!

Lisa B said...

Hi Bob,

I just read Catra's post. There are 2 Barb Elia's and I presume Catra was talking about the same Barb that paced me at Western States. Barb is an amazing athlete, running thousands of miles a year (even more than the sweet and talented Olga!).

Oh, and really, you don't want to look into getting MESSAGES, Bob. You want to look into getting MASSAGES! Big difference there! :) Try it, it's fabulous. In my opinion, everyone should get periodic massages when time and money allows. It really helps the muscles.

Lisa B said...

Hi Olga,

I will certainly say hi to Gunhild for you. Isn't she awesome?! If I could only be half as good at her age...

The hip flexor was fine today on my short but hilly run. I just took it real easy. BUT, I am getting OLD... all the hills took a toll on my back. My back is going into fits even with sitting in the car. Dang discs! I must let that rest up. I've had trouble with it before too. No more hills until the DV Marathon this weekend!

Great job on your weekly mileage, girl. You rock!

Bob Gentile said...

LOL Messages ... oops I have had a lot of Messages don't need any more of them... that's why I was semi-retired for 2 years because of tooooo many messages in the Corp. Arena--haha

thanks for the tip and I will look into it

olga said...

Agree, Gunhild is so amazing, it feels lame to praise her. I will forever be at awe (in awe?) at her WS100 2005 run. That was something! Yet she is very humble and a great person. Just love her! And to think of her age - she simply doesn't have one. Crazy. Now that I think about it, I should never complain and just keep putting one foot in front of another...
I stretched my hip flexor with yoga well today. But it's second time in a raw when I get it after the long run. I must be doing something wrong with the hills too. Will look into it, thanks for the hint.