Saturday, January 06, 2007

Trail fun with the boy at dusk

Ahhh! So I went up the mountain to try some of the easier trails. I was amazed at how fast my heart was beating going up. Am I THAT outa shape? Was it the slight altitude change? Would I really be able to feel a difference in altitude of 2000 feet? Perhaps a little of both. It's been since June 2005 since I've been up the mountain, with only one lame attempt to in September 2006 which didn't work too well.

It had been so long that I barely recalled the trails. Good thing Steely's been up there with David every weekend. I just let him show me the way.

Poor boy, though, he'd run ahead and then turn around and either wait for me or run back to me and off again, as if to say "hurry up, slowpoke!." And he did this, hmm, about 100 times in one 6 mile run (for me)! He's obviously used to running with David who is faster on the trails. Still, we both got in a good workout.

Both my knees and ankles are a little sore because I'm not used to the uneven terrain. Overall, I feel very good about going outside my head mentally and beyond the paved roads physically. I've already learned my lesson about patience, so don't worry about me doing anything more than "a little at a time."

Oh, and for the Barkley, I will wear my ASO's on BOTH ankles for sure!


Bob Gentile said...

Man I want a COOL Dog like that :-) well first I need cool trails like that then I want a COOL dog -lol

Good Job Lisa U will get ur WIND back!!

Great Pics!

olga said...

Dear Lisa! I know about Barkley, and I didn't lower my opinion about you...instead, I highrocketed it! I dreamed that one day I can enter it too even knowing damn well I am up mostly for one loop, but, yes, I still fear to even come up with an assay! Go, girl! And Badwater - oh, yeah! I know you'll get in, once you do - I KNOW you'll come to the finish! How exciting the year shapes up!