Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2009 Tribute to the Trails Calendar

Glenn Tachiyama is back again with the new 2009 Tribute to the Trails calendar. He and Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs have done such a beautiful job! Everything a trail runner needs to know about when and where to run is in this calendar.

Each year I buy 5 of these calendars - one for my home, one for the office, and 3 to give as gifts for the holidays to my running friends or family. They're perfect gifts; everybody needs a calendar! And there's nothing better than seeing familiar gorgeous trails and people we know up on our walls! (I bet there's at least one person you "know" in the calendar!)

This calendar makes race planning easy. All the race dates are listed. No more searching and penciling in on the calendar. It's already done for you!

The sponsors of the calendar are helping to support the WTA (Washington Trails Association) and they are the best in the business of endurance sports. These are people with products and services made with ME and YOU in mind.

The sponsors are:

Coyote Two Moon Ultras
Dirty Girl Gaiters
Drymax Socks
Pacific Coast Trail Runs
UltraRunning Magazine

More running stores and races have contributed additional money to support the production of this 2009 edition of Tribute to the Trails.

Want one??

Of course you do!

Heck, buy two or three. Like I said, these make perfect gifts. All proceeds go to support WTA, which is a non-profit organization that creates, maintains and repairs the trails we love to play on.

They're $18 and may be purchased beginning in December from:
Pacific Coast Trail Runs
Seattle Running Company
The Balanced Athlete
Fleet Feet - Bend
Rogue Valley Runners
Everyday Athlete

Thank you Glenn & Wendy!!


TonyP said...

I read about the calendar on Olga's blog as well. Looks great. Will certainly get one.

gtach said...

lisa! the success of our project depends on our friends spreading the word, so thanks so much for your support and glowing endorsement...of the calendar and our great sponsors!

i wonder if any of your many foreign groupies will order one? : )

Jon said...

YAY! Time for me to replace the current 2008 Trail Calendar soon!

Backofpack said...

It's beautiful - saw it at Olga's too. We'll order a few.

Olga said...

Aww, Lisa, ain't you awesome! G certainly deserves all the kudos in general, and for this project in particular.
Hope new house is treating you nicely!