Sunday, June 01, 2008

20th Century 100k Trail Run - Saturday, May 31, 2008

I had the opportunity last weekend to train at the Western States training runs, which as always, provided excellent trail training. I am pacing Shannon Farar-Griefer at Western States this year, so we were there together with Jorge Pacheco and his wife, as well as Jenn Shelton.

The first day (from Mosquito Ridge to Green Gate) was quite an experience. It rained the entire time, and we even had sleet at the start up in the mountains. The trails were goop by the time I ran through them, mud everywhere. We were all slip-sliding away up and down the single track trails through the highlands and into the canyons. I got in a few extra credit miles when I tracked back up out of the first canyon to Last Chance with an injured runner. He ended up being air lifted out with hypothermia. He's fine and recovered without incident. Hypothermia was the biggest scare that first day of training. And, of course, other injuries like a simple ankle sprain, could lead to a more serious problem like hypothermia, which is what happened to this runner. Most runners, however, were able to manage the rain and slop and had an exciting first day of training.

The second day was much nicer. It was sunny and warmed up nicely but never got hot. Great running weather except for those trying to heat train. This second day of running included the very well-groomed California Street section. We ran from Foresthill to the American River and up to White Oak Flat, about 19 or 20 miles.

The last day - on Memorial Day - I had an afternoon flight to catch, so I just did an out and back from the Placer High School track to just past No Hands Bridge. Most of the remaining runners a full 22 miles. It was another beautiful day. I was taking quick Jenn to the airport and she decided to try to get in the full 22-mile run in 3 hours. I packed the car and was waiting for her at the school in Auburn. Sure enough, to my delight, she sped in to the finish in 2 hours 59 mins, and no worse for the wear. She's a great runner. We made it to the airport with time to spare.

I ran a total of about 62 miles. My ankle held up and I am so happy for that. The poison oak that I get every time I am on the Western States Trail got me good though. I had forgotten my Ivy Block and am now paying for it! I should heal up in just enough time to head back for the race.

I rested - at least from running - Tuesday through Friday, and yesterday ran the 20th Century 100k Trail Run that started in Snowqualmie, WA. It's a low-keyed, very-well organized run with a 50k option. The route climbed on the John Wayne Trail up the pass for 25 miles, then decended and leveled off for the rest of the course. The flat wide trail was packed with gravel which, while easy to run on, really beats up the legs and joints pretty good.
(pic from the website)

(pic from the website)

I ran with Tim Englund who is training for the Bighorn 100 miler in 3 weeks. We broke the race down into ten 10k's, and ran the first 50k in 5:02 and the second half in just over that. Fairly good pacing. Our finish time was somewhere around 10:11. I'm sure results will be out soon.

I wore my Drymax socks again and am absolutely convinced that these are the very best socks for me. They do the job - whether in the slop and mud of the Western States Trail or on the hard-packed flat gravel surface of the John Wayne Trail. No blisters. None. My feet are fine, as if I never took 100,000 steps to cover the 100k distance. My ankles are good. My knee, on the other hand, is a little sore. I iced it today and despite wanting to go for a bike ride, will rest it instead.

The other thing that worked very well were my Moeben Sleeves. It was perfect weather for them. Actually, it always is, and that's the cool thing about them. I wore a t-shirt in the morning with the Sleeves - the bamboo ones - and pushed them down when it warmed up and pulled them up when it started drizzling and the wind picked up. Despite the changes in the weather, I was always perfectly prepared...without having to use my drop bag for clothing changes. It saved time and I was always comfortably dressed for the weather.

I feel very good about this 100k. It was a PR for me. I did expect it since my only other 100k's were at Miwok, a tough course for sure. I wouldn't change a thing about the race. It was perfect.


Anonymous said...

Hello Favorite Doc,

You and Shannon at gals will have fun......
It is good to know that you are strong and ready for another adventure.....

it is allways good to read your blog....

See you soon,


Journey to a Centum said...

Wow! You really busted out a good time for the 100K!

I always carry a space blanket in my back pack for the day another runner or myself goes down. They aren't that heavy and could definatly save someones life.

Glad to hear your ankles are holding up! Hope your knee comes round soon. Sounds like the first section at WS is going to be a sloppy mess. Change of shoes for your runner at Last Chance? Have fun pacing!

Jon said...

Nice work on the 100k speed! I showed up towards the end of the 20th Century 100k (about the time that Gilles Barbeau and Barefoot Jon were at the finish). Did you take off already by then?

Tim Lawson said...

Great job at 20th century!

I wish I would have been able to keep better pace throughout the run, but 62 mles is a long tome for things to happen.

I'm sure I'll see you somewhere down the trail....


Lisa B said...

Hi Mario! Yep, it's gonna be fun fun fun with Shannon. I'll see you soon.

Eric - I sure do hope you are around if I ever get into cold weather trouble! Even something as light as a space blanket can definitely save a life. I actually bet that there is no more WS trail slop by race day. But I'll carry shoes for Shannon anyway. :)

Jon - Yep, we were gone by then, had to pick up the dogs and get back home. Sorry I missed you.

Tim - It was great running with you. I read your report on your blog and was so glad to read that you readjusted your goal and hung in there to a finish. Sorry you ran into some trouble with your calf. I hope it is healing up already.

Olga said...

Lisa, wow, packed with running so much! And some awesome at that too! This 10hr 100k is surely a fantastic time. I have to go with you fullheartedly on Drymax socks and Moeben sleeves too, I was planning to post a promo myself soon!

Trail.Trekker.Steve said...

Hey Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting and running with you the first day of the WS training run. I was wondering if the PO got you. I got a little myself.

You'll have to let me know what happens regarding Santa Fe. Ya got me thinking!

Hope to see you at Squaw!

Steve, the "other" Lisa's Steve ;-)

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

you are amazing..
i did not know shannon was going to run WS
with you as her pacer I am sure she is going to fly!
go girl's go

Lisa B said...

Hi Olga, I'll see you in a few weeks at BigHORN! I'm running the wimpy 50-miler.

Steve - It was great running with you, getting in those extra credit miles for a good deed. :)
Yes, I got the PO really bad. It started out bad and got worse throughout the week. I held off on steroids for as long as possible, but gave in yesterday when I started breaking out on my hands too. I promise not to forget my Ivy Block for the race. See you there!

Hi Lisa. Shannon's always fun first. You know she'll be stopping at a few aid stations to breast feed! That woman is so amazing. Fun for sure. Nice to hear about your upcoming THAT's an adventure! Fabulous.

Bob - said...

100K-10:11:15 Lisa Bliss -
new women's record
ho hum just another weekend, ya know breaking records, smoking a few small cigars afterwards & kicking back with da peeps--LOLOL

WOW Chica way to Crank it out, sooooo very awesome!!!! CONGRATS!!!