Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death Valley --> New Orleans

(pic: courtesy of Ben Jones, who was right that this would be blogged! Tim Kj called it the "Badwater Baptism.")

Just a quick note to say I survived four days of training in Death Valley. It was quite a fun time and I'm sure it will be beneficial to my race. I don't have time to write about the training, but here is a link to my pictures for some details. Also, here is a link to Ben's pictures.

I am in New Orleans at the ACSM conference now. The Ultrarunning presentation was this afternoon and went well. We had our Endurance Special Interest Group tonight too. There were several new members who were also ultrarunners there tonight. Our numbers are growing! I am now elected Chairperson for that group, which is a delight to me.

(pic: me and Helen Jones running down the Panamint grade)

It is pouring rain and chilly here (compared to Death Valley), so I will lose my precious heat training over the next few days. Oh well, can do only what we can do! I wouldn't miss this meeting for anything. So much good stuff!


Badwater Ben Jones said...

Dear Lisa, Thanks for your note and for putting up the image. Let me know if you want the high resolution version. I am also sorry we didn't get to visit more. I am adding your blog-link to my website. Sincerely, Ben Jones

Olga said...

Awesome, Lisa! Miss your cheerful posts, come back as soon as the conference is over, you "Chair person" you:) What an honor well deserved!

Bob - said...

OK I reviewed ur pics-- blah blah blah HOW DO I get that Bacon--lol can u tell I need some breakfast bad:-)

Have a great conference!!

and yes loved all the pic, I miss DV!!

Tony C said...

Death Valley training weekend looked fun. How are you feeling for the race?


Lisa B said...

Hey y'all. I'm finally HOME. 9 days away from my bed! Time to play catch up now...except that tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 90's! Sounds like long-run training at noon for me! I'm feeling good for the race, Tony. I hope to get back to DV again once more though...not cuz I need it but because I love it there.