Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bells & Floods

I was checking out Kelly's new blog and I saw her 70's photo of her and her siblings (way down on the right hand column) and I told her I'd find one of me and my brother, Gary, too. Well, this is what I found! There are others...that you may get to see, but I just loved my big brother's floods and smile in this one. My younger brother Jeff wasn't even born yet.

It was great timing for me to pull out some old pictures since our 21 year Badger High School school reunion is this June. (Yes, I know it's usually 20 years but it's a large task to put together for my friend who works and has kids.) I will be at Western States, so won't be going to the reunion, which is ok since I have mixed feelings about it anyway. My friends I've kept in touch with are just super people though and it was nice to reminisce with pictures.

So, were you around in the 70's? Got any pics to share?

[By the way, my scanner crashed, so I had to buy a new one late yesterday. I used it here. It works great. And as a follow-up on my keyboard: it could NOT be resurrected and went into the garbage! So much for just letting it dry out. I'll let someone else test the dishwasher method of cleaning a keyboard. I'd hedge my bets that it ruins it.]


kelly said...

Lisa, great pic!! You gotta love the floods and checkered bell bottoms! Isn't it fun to look back at those days? Thanks for sharing your 70's photo with us.

Bob - said...

I need a scanner I have some great toughskins green floods -lol

Great Pic Lisa, that is a classic!

Lisa B said...

Bob says: "I need a scanner I have some great toughskins green floods"

Do you actually still HAVE toughskins?? If so, please buy the scanner. I need to see that! :)

Bob - said...

no I don't have them still BUT I have some good photo's with me wearing them on my BIG WHEEL-- oh I use to love my Big Wheel, I wore out my wheel that's how much I used it--lol we had a Big Wheel crew zipping around the neighborhood.

and if ur familiar with them to wear out a plastic tire is not easy...ahhh the good ole' days, I wanna go back :-)

Lisa B said...

Big Wheels were cool, but I was always jealous of my friends who got Green Machines when those came out.

Olga said...

Aww, I need to dig out my picture now...but we didn't have color back then, you know, in Soviets!
And congrats on Dave #4! Way to go on making each of them work!

Tony C said...

Wow! I had to wear toughskins until I was about 15 - I was too small to fit in big boy pants ;-) I HATED them. I hated bell bottoms and flairs too (I grew up in Cali and have never been a good liberal). When my mom insisted on buying me bell bottoms, I promply got on my Schwinn bike (yes, streamers out of the handle bars and all) and made sure my pant legs got stuck in the chain - "See Mom, I can't wear these!"

Here's an old picture of me and my two sisters, Lorie and Gayle. Not '70s - more like 1964, which is the year my brother was born and he's not in the pic.

I'm the one in the middle with the short hair and big ears. They used to call me "Little Ricky," if you're old enough to get that reference.



Tony C said...

OK, let's try this again with a tiny url.

Kendra Ralstin said...

I loved the 70s but I didn't really realize it till the 90s. I do remember the feeling of the bell bottoms whapping together around your ankles when you walked. I had green corduroy ones that also made the "whoosh whoosh" sound as a bonus. Anyway, loved the pic, and thanks for the great description of Ham...what a perfect addition to the crew- it really is a chemistry thing and you sound like you know just what kind of people are winners.

Backofpack said...

I was in jr high and high school in the 70s - but oh, was I a happenin' gal! I've got prom photos of Eric and I that are always good for a laugh at our running club potlucks.

Are you running WS or doctoring there? Eric is running and I'll be crewing. I'm a little nervous - I've crewed at CCC for Rob, but this is a BIG race and in unfamiliar territory. Maybe I'll get to say hello while we're there!

Lisa B said...


I bet those photos are great! Even my high school Homecoming pictures are quite funny, and those were the 80's.

Great that you are crewing WS for Eric. Oh, you will love that race. Lots of waiting around but so is everybody else so you are in good company. I am not running or working. I plan on going to pace. I may give a talk at the Thurs night medical conference though that's not confirmed yet. Definitely say hello since I'll be hanging out too. Have you considered going to the Memorial Day Training Runs? If you haven't been on the course, that is extremely helpful...and great training.