Thursday, February 01, 2007

Off to Death Valley

Tomorrow this weirdo's off to Death Valley for a trail marathon.

I am so looking forward to the warm weather and sun. I was originally planning on traveling with Scott and Leah, but Leah is sick and decided it's best to sit out the marathon. I think she has the same bug I caught 3 weeks ago. In any case, I'm traveling alone. It's always fun to share these experiences with friends, but on the other hand, I'm perfectly good with traveling alone. I will enjoy the drive from Vegas to Furnace Creek and staying at the Ranch where we always stay for the Badwater Ultramarathon. I am so looking forward to the perspective of Death Valley from the trails of Titus Canyon. The Marathon course climbs 2,300 feet in the first 12 miles, then descends 5,000 feet over the last 14 miles. Temps for Saturday are predicted to be sunny with a high of 77°F and a low of 44°. It's going to be even warmer on Sunday! Mmm!

I can't say I'm at all prepared for the run, but I'm just going for another long, warm and beautiful training run. I'll be back late Sunday. See you then!


Bob - said...

Have a great trip Lisa...

I will be out there in May for that training camp with Lisa S B, that will be my first really looking forward to the sights!!

Take some good pics if you can


Olga said...

I want to be with you in your car driving to Death Valley marathon!!! Jealous:) Have fun!

Lisa B said...

Thanks, Olga. It'll be about a 60 degree temperature swing compared to Spokane! The sun will be therapeutic. Next year, we'll go together!