Monday, June 27, 2011

The cart

(Photo: Christa Copus, Tim Englund, Glen Copus of Elephant Bikes)

It's been called a wagon, a carriage, even a sled.

I don't think it fits any absolute definition, though "cart" seems to fit best. And if I had to describe the cart, I would say it is most like a rolling cooler.

It's coming along great! I took it for a test run yesterday. I'm getting excited!

It just needs a few finishing touches and insulation on top.

These are the most frequently asked questions:

How much does it weigh?

The cart itself is about 20 pounds, maybe a little more, made from aluminum.

How much will it weigh loaded?

The water itself weighs 180 pounds. With food, supplies, emergency gear, and a backpack and warm clothes for the Mt. Whitney summit, it will probably total about 230-240 pounds. I sure hope not much more than that!

Where will you sleep?

On top of the cart.

Will you push it or pull it?

It's made for either. I will mostly push it. It is pretty easy on a downhill! Flats won't pose a problem. However, even the slightest incline is difficult because of the weight, and the cart wants to pull you backward with each step. I found it impossible to push up the steeper grades. For those inclines, I will harness a belt around my waist and pull it up, inch by inch.

Does your dog sit on top in training?

No, not my dog; he'd rather pull it. But Glen and Christa's dog went for a ride!


TonyP said...

Holy smokes. I think you can fit me in there! 230-240 pounds!!! Insane!!!

Can't wait for your journey to begin!

elaine said...

Oh. My. Gosh. This will take a lot longer, but I think you can do it. How do you calculate extra food and fluids simply based on more overall time spent? Wow. I can't even wrap my head around this. You rock.

Chris Roman said...

I love it, the world's most efficient travel cooler :)

Chris Roman said...

I love it, the world's most efficient travel cooler :)

King Arthur said...

That is pretty cool!

Do the hand brakes have a lock so you can "park" on a hill and rest?

Good Luck Lisa!


Brett said...


Yea what Arthur said...some sort of quick lock on the wheels no matter which way you pull so you don't lose any ground. Having to sit there gripping the brakes or turning it sideways to stay still may be a burden.

Unbelievable 'project'.

Jamie Huneycutt said...

Wow and double wow! That is the coolest cart ever.

Rick Mannino said...

Hey Lisa. Looks like Glen has done well- it even looks aero! I hope you don't mind me throwing out more ideas- but can you arrange most of your lower altitude climbing to be done at night? Unless there is such a thing as a personal neck fan, won't it be unbearable? Is there such a thing as a waist/ chest harness for your towing duties, I wonder, to help spread the load and improve traction? Bless you!

catskillmarina said...

Lisa, congratulations on your run ! It
is an inspiration !