Monday, October 19, 2009

....and NOW....!

Well, that's the thing. I'm not sure what now. And wow! It feels sooo good!

The Spartathlon is over but the memories are still reverberating. I usually mull over the things I could have done differently, better after a race. Not necessarily in a good or bad way. It's just something I do. This time, since the Spartathlon, I have just been satisfied. I just don't feel the need to analyze the race much. Rather, I just think about it and I feel good about it. That's different for me. Nice.

Yes, I've been running...when I can...when I want. It's very nice.

Work has been very busy, but I am finally catching up and winding down. Thank goodness.

My weekends are delightful. No pressures. In fact, this past weekend was just wonderful. Tim and I went into Coeur d'Alene to hang at Java and sip a Bowl of Soul. We perused the art galleries and bought some art for each other. We got some fixins' done around the house. We lounged and we laughed. We tried on Halloween costumes and people laughed at us. (Hmm, if they're laughing, they must be...perfect!)

We didn't even run or talk much about running though we did register for some "little" races.

I looked through some of our tourist pictures in Athens from before the race. Of course, Glenn's always got the best photos so I'll share a few here. Some are Tim's too. And perhaps I'll share a few more of the race...and a few after... :) (in no particular order)...

The formal awards in back in Athens.

Does life ever get any better than this!?

Glenn sinks into the chairs, can't get out. Good thing there's no reason to. Just relax and enjoy!

In the medical tent after the finish where the nurses gave me a clean dry shirt and a foot bath!

Walking from the finish to the medical tent where all finishers go.

This is my favorite picture. I love you Glenn & Tim! You guys are just the best. Thank you for sharing in my dream and adventure.

The race ends at the foot of King Leonidas. You must touch it, though most kiss it.

Running in the rain, getting splashed by every car...and there are LOTS of cars.

The last big-ass hill is coming up. It seemed so cruel at this point to put a hill there. I'm ready though!

Finally running down. Still raining.

This is from back on the course after CP59 where I dropped last year. This year as I passed through, a little girl on the side of the street handed me this pink flower. It was magical. I carried it to the finish. And still have it. It's a treasure. Here, I'm telling Glenn the story.

Coming into CP60, about 200k

Base of the Mountain (Sangas). We go off road and climb climb climb up up up. It's 100 miles at the top. I put on my brace from last year. It brought all sorts of good juju. I hit the top in about 20 hours.

This is Marika from Germany and I at the start. She is a sweetheart. She came in 3rd last year.

Tim braids my hair before the race. (If only it could stay looking that good over the course of the next 32 hours!)

Tim and I at the Parthenon, overlooking the Acropolis.

Greek cuisine: Greek salad with hunk o' feta, giant beans, greens, beet roots and stuffed tomatoes. Yum!

Working out at the ruins of the ancient gymnasium.

Homie traveled to Greece with us and loved it. This is Homie at the Acropolis.

Oooh! Nice sandals! Very, uh, Spartanish. (No, didn't get those, but did get real Spartan sandals after the race.)
Walking the Plaka in Athens.


Jamie Donaldson said...

Wow! What amazing pictures! Looks like an incredible time! I am glad you are taking it easy for a bit! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Bob - said...

Love the pics Lisa...Enjoy your rest!


olga said...

Make me smile...a whole bunch:)

Chad Sayban said...

Those pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

Backofpack said...

Life sounds perfectly wonderful for you! Big goal, done and done well, you've earned a nice long relaxing break.


Glad Homie had a nice trip too! Your photos and report are great. Way to go!