Friday, June 05, 2009


Fences are funny. They are built to contain and yet there's freedom in that. I bought my house for its yard. My dogs like to run and play. They deserve a big yard. I figured I'd have to replace the existing fence one of these years, but the long hard winter really beat up the old fence. I needed a new one...for the dogs. Safety for them and reassurance for me.

It's a big fence with lots of gates. A lot of money too. But I love it. Steely and Zappa love it too.

Maybe even better yet though, Steely found a baseball on our walk today. He was obsessed all day with that ball. He's so cute. Of course, I'm biased, but isn't he? :)


Chris Roman said...

True, fences are funny but if they are happy it transfers straight back to you. The pic with Steely's nose poking through the door is an instant classic (gorgeous dog).

Congrats on Spartathlon!

Bob - said...

Lmaooooooooooo love that pic with his head peeking in "like HELLO, do u see that ball??? and can u throw it back out PLEASE!!! ruff ruff!

Nice Fence Chica, when it has to be painted in 10 15 years that's when u can move out :-)

Jamie Donaldson said...

What cute pictures with Steely and the ball! He is adorable!

Hua said...

Hi Lisa,

Awww. Steely is so adorable. Great photos.

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