Monday, April 13, 2009

Spokane River Run 50k - loop #1

We ventured out onto the course to have some fun. Friday, we ran a part of loop #2. Saturday and Sunday, we ran loop #1. Other than getting lost for a bit, it was a blast. Well, even getting lost was actually fun.

The Spokane River Run is next weekend. It is my favorite 50k, not only because it is practically in my backyard, but because it is an absolutely perfect 50k course with stunning views. Most of the trail is very runnable. Only portions of it are a bit scary for my gimpy ankle. It's a 2-loop course, 15.5 miles each. There are different distances available for everybody - 10k, 25k and 50k. I think there's even a 5k.

(pic: Tim at Deep Creek Overlook)

(pic: across the overlook. can you see my yellow shirt?)

(pic: Yes, this is the trail, added so that the Montanans can feel right at home during the race. Don't worry, it doesn't last long!)

Last year, I ran this 2 weeks after Umstead. This year it's 3 weeks after Pac Rim. I'm feeling pretty good though, so my goal next weekend is to have a good run. What does that mean? Well, I ain't gonna win it. That's for sure! I can't do that. I'll never be fast enough to win a trail 50k like this. A good run is one where I push a little and have a lot of fun. Just keep me away from the swinging rope on race day!

(pic: the swinging rope around 5 miles into the loop. a mandatory stop for all kids.)


olga said...

Wow, that is awesome! And hey, I am just back from Vegas trip with Red Rock and Charlston Mtn running, oh, yeah, thanks so much for tips and inspirations!

olga said...

p.s. no swinging rope for me, I'd be scared:)

Journey to a Centum said...

I'll withhold my temptation to run with the whole "swinger" theme and keep it real.

The rope looks like a great place for me to hurl myself off into one of those nearby trees. The rest of the photos show the true beauty of the area and a challenging course. Enjoy the run next week and be sure to share that experience with us!

Lisa B said...

Welcome back, Olga. Looking forward to seeing/hearing about it.

Funny, you guys. I was scared the first time I "swung." In fact, I kinda crashed back on my return and jammed my feet into the ground instead of "running" into the land. I jammed my back pretty good and it flared up for the rest of the run. I felt very foolish...and old.

But, I didn't learn. The next day, I did it again, and did it right. It was wonderfully thrilling!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great pictures! Good luck at the 50k next weekend!

Nothing wrong with getting a little lost if the area is beautiful enough.

Spokane Al said...

Good luck next week.

I envy your ability to run on trails. Last year I ran the 25k, crashed hard three times, and determined that I am too clumsy for trails and must stay on pavement and roads.

AnthonyP said...

Best of luck ! You will be great, as usual. Those pics are awesome - makes me want to move from this awful State of NY !

Backofpack said...

That looks like a course I'd like to run. One loop for me would be fine!

Bob - said...

Weeeeee that swing rope looks fun, maybe if they come up with a swing rope 50K I won't get blisters...ahhh never mind I would just get them on my hands--LOL

Have a great race this weekend!!

Lisa B said...

You're right, Chad. Getting lost is half the fun. .. only Sunday there was a steady rain and we were getting cold. Saturday, we were lost for an hour (not really lost but just not exactly sure where we were) but it was warm and sunny and I didn't mind a bit.

Al, actually I suck on the trails now. I used to be decent enough but now I have a very gimpy ankle and must wear an ankle brace whenever I'm on the trails. I get tense and worried and suffer from ankle-spraining PTSD. I've been getting a little better but still can't take my eyes off the trail for even a minute. I'm incredibly clutsy! So, I just run trails for pure enjoyment, not to race. You should consider the 25k again and bring your camera instead of your watch? :)

Tony, if you're recovered, come run it! It's just a short flight across the country.

Michelle, come stay at my house if you want. This is such a beautiful race. I read your blog that you're "resting" with just some shorter runs. That's great. Come do the 10k or 25k.

Bob, hope your feet are healing. I used gloves with the rope because I was afraid of ripping the skin on my hands. I was gripping tightly for the life of me...

Bret said...

See ya sunday! This course looks like too much fun. Gail did the rope over the river when we were in Kauai last year. I was the wuss of the family and watched. Weather guy says mid 70's for temps on Sunday!

Lisa B said...

Might even be HOT out! No complaining here! :)

Karmen said...

You Rock! Way to live like every day is your last!

Lisa B said...

Hey Karmen (aka David) -

Thanks for stopping by so frequently to my blog to leave comments. I like this last one about living like "every day is your last." You do mean that in a playful way, I'm sure. :)

Do you have a blog or at least a profile? None of my friends who post here choose to be "anonymous" like you.