Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend runs

(Pic: This is the John Wayne Trail... in the SUMMER!)

Saturday, I ran with the Ellensburg group. It was a great run. We ran 21+ miles from Kittitas to Vantage on the John Wayne Trail. It's flat for a few miles, then a gentle down hill for the rest of the way. It was cold but not too cold. There was some wind but it wasn't bad. There were some icy spots under our feet and one person took a good spill on the ice, but for the most part, the snow cushioned the gravel surface, making it very nice to run on. I wore my ankle brace. I've decided I must get used to wearing it on all trails, even easy ones like this. I so miss running on the trails, and if a measly brace is all it takes to get me back on them, well this year I'm going to wear it!

We started with six runners. Once wanted to get in just a few miles so turned back early. The rest of us forged ahead. Tim drove to the end of our route and ran back toward us with the dogs, trying hard to restrain from running too much as he is easing back after a stress fracture. It was an absolutely joyous run! Hoar frost covered everything, making the high desert terrain look like a black-and-white Western movie. Our bright-colored running shirts, hats, and packs stood out vividly against it. I wished I had my camera.

(Pic: This is NOT from the JWT but it's an excellent picture of hoar frost and is similar to the conditions we ran in on Saturday.)

Overall, it was an easy run, a relaxing, high-spirited run filled with good stories and wit. Tim met us at 13 miles, so he ended up running 16, quite a big jump for a "gradual increase" in training mileage, but his hip felt good. And the dogs, they were in their glory! We finished some 4+ hours later, and spent the rest of the day relaxing in front of the TV. We watched two movies - "Breaking Away," a 70's movie about Cutters and a bike race, and "Kung Fu." I admit I was a bit surprised to enjoy both so much.

Sunday, we ran another 10, this time starting at the JWT Thorp trail head. The trail was washed out in several areas because of the severe flooding early this month.

(pic: Tim and Missy. Trail wash-out)

It was sunny but colder. We knew the wind was at our backs on the way out, but we didn't realize just how strong it was until we turned back into it. We thought it was just wind through the tunnel, but it wasn't.

The head wind remained for the 5-mile trek back to the trail head. It was bitterly cold. My face and hands froze. I wasn't very happy. But it was a short run and I needed the lesson in getting tough. The dogs, again, were in their glory!

(pic: Steely Dan)

(pic: Missy)

After the run, we stopped at the fruit stand, swung through the drive-through coffee stand, and looked at some local RVs for sale. Just curious of course.

It was a very nice weekend with some good winter running. Y'all know I really don't like the cold, right? So, this was pretty good for me. I kept telling myself: "I am an excellent winter-time runner!" "I am an excellent winter-time runner!" Over and over. Reality is, I don't think I'll ever even be a good winter-time runner. I'll take the sun and the heat any day. Maybe that's why I enjoyed these runs so much. There was so much winter beauty on the trail! I suppose it's always there, however, this time I saw it and it was indeed very beautiful and ... heart warming.

(Pic: icicles on the JWT)

And as always, a tired dog is a good dog!


AnthonyP said...

The pictures are fantastic. I love the pic of the the summer. I can't take much more of this cold weather !

Journey to a Centum said...

That looks more like a dog in a coma that a tired dog!

Thanks for sharing the run.

Backofpack said...

When he lays on his back like that, you can see why Steely Dan needs a coat! Too much pink skin showing through!

Looks like you had a beautiful run. Love those relaxing weekends.

olga said...

Your dogs are super-silly. Take it after the mum?

Bob - said...

Overall, it was an easy run, a relaxing, high-spirited run filled with good stories and wit.

Can't beat that !! but umm Burrrr

Laura H said...

Brrr! And cool! I love Breaking Away! My favorite scene is where Paul Dooley is about to make love to Barbara Berryman and (Italian opera playing in background) he removes his pocket protector and unclips his tie....SO sexy!!

Lisa B said...

Ha! I laughed aloud at the scene! :)