Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Across the Years 2008-2009

Across the Years is going on as I write. Day one will be over in 2 hours. Of course, most runners will just keep running.... and I'll be just starting.

Does anybody ever sleep well the night before a big race? Guess I was talking in my sleep. Hope I was mumbling about how much I just LOVE these events and how SANE I feel right now.

In reality, I'm feeling the usual pangs of:

"Gawd, why do I DO these things?!"
"How stupid that we just run around in circles for 2 days straight."
"I'm bored already."
"I feel like gerbil."
"I want to run with a watch, not a calendar!"

But, as I know, all that fades with the start (perhaps to return later in the race though) and life gets good on the track.

I checked the updates, and there are some impressive first day tallies. Tracy is tearing up the course. Geesler fell back a little, as did Hans, but it is WAY too early to make any predictions even for these phenomes. They'll be running stronger again in no time, I'm sure.

Go HERE to send greetings.
HERE for updates.

So, I'm off to the races.

Have a safe and very happy New Year's!


Runner Tammy said...

Good Luck Lisa!

I will watch your progress on line and of course send you encouraging messages.

I know you will have an excellent race!


AnthonyP said...

Best of luck Lisa !!!

SteveQ said...

I see in the results that Jamie got you by a scant 10 miles. I ran against her at FANS - deceptively good runner. Congrats on topping the 150 barrier!