Sunday, November 30, 2008

New home?

Wouldn't it be sweet to live here??

Tim and I spent Thanksgiving doing fun holiday stuff like decorating the tree, hanging stockings and making a gingerbread house. We are both nursing injuries so instead of running long every day for this past 4-day weekend, there was lots of time for fun.

Have you seen "Bolt"? I really liked the movie, especially when Rhino was giving the speech to Mittens about always being there for your friends, even when they don't ask it of you. Great movie. Oh, and it's for kids, animated. Go see it, you'll like it.


AnthonyP said...

I wouldn't last more than one day in that house - I'd eat myself out of house and home.

My girls (6 and 7) caught "Bolt" on Saturday and loved it.

Bob from said...

just read that those are the ONLY homes nowadays that re-sale value is up :-)

Journey to a Centum said...

After seeing your work of art and the gingerbread houses in the lobby of the Sheraton in Seattle I'm feeling compelled to build my own creation.

I like to pick the candies off and eat them during the holidays.

Sounds like you guys had a great recovery weekend!


Backofpack said...

What a nice and relaxing weekend! Haven't seen the movie, guess we'll have to check it out. We used to make gingerbread houses or trains every Christmas when the boys were little. They learned early on to inspect them every morning to see if Dad had been eating the candy!

gtach said...

"what is this red liquid coming from my paw?"

"it's blood"

"do i need it?"

nursing injuries??? i hope not too serious with your double coming up!

your home sweet home makes my teeth hurt. but it's cute.

olga said...

Hppy Ginger-bread, Lisa! Glad you spent it doing things with somebody you want to be doing things with! And yes - what is the injury??

Lisa B said...

Thanks for the fun comments. I've had other good ones too, like "tasteful" and "sahweeeet!" (from JP).

I c u saw the movie too g... and i bet u cried 2... :)

It's the achilles, Olga. Dang tendon. I've had every problem in the past EXCEPT for my achilles. This is the first time, so I'm NOT going to run on it till it heals. And we'll see about the double thon this weekend. There's always just fun in the sun in DV and Vegas, baby! I need to start ATY injury-free. That's more important than more training now.

Now let's see if I can stick to my word.. :)

Bob from said...

It's the achilles....
Hey Lisa a few months ago my Achilles was driving me nuts and when I finally LOOKED in my Trigger point was a KNOT deeeeeeep in the middle of my calve, and POOF the Achilles felt better within a few LETS HOPE that might be the case for yours :-)

Lisa B said...

Dr. Bob,
The calf IS sore. Certainly won't hurt to trigger it. I'll do that. Thanks for the advice. :)