Monday, November 03, 2008

Ain't no stopping Marshall Ulrich!

Nope. There's no stopping this guy!

On September 13, Marshall Ulrich and Charlie Engle set out from San Francisco and headed East toward New York...on foot.

Unfortunately, Charlie had some injuries that were insurmountable and had to stop running. BUT that didn't stop him from going the distance across America....on a bike. Only true champions hurdle the obstacles set before them with such grace. I'm not saying it was easy for him. He speaks of how hard it was and, I'm sure, still is. But Charlie showed his true colors when the rubber hit the road.

Marshall continued running. He had his own share of hurdles to leap, and with the constant support of his wife Heather and his family and friends, he was able to keep going...and going...and going.

Marsh is now just a few miles from finishing his Run Across America! He will finish in New York tomorrow. So, how many miles is "a few miles?" Well, ONLY about 40 miles. THAT has got to feel so surreal to him at this final leg of his 3000 mile journey. How I wish so much I could be there!

How fitting too that he has completed this Run Across America on Election Day. Very moving. Very appropriate.

PLEASE check out Running America '08 to read about this spectacular accomplishment and to be a virtual witness to Marshall's phenomenal accomplishment.

Here's a picture of Art Webb, me and Marsh at the start of the 2004 Badwater Ultramarathon. It's one of my all-time favorite pictures. I am in the presence of giant gentle-souled heroes. Look how happy we are to be there in Badwater, knowing in just minutes we will set off on our way by foot across Death Valley. What an honor and privelege it is for me to know such extraordinary people! I still have this picture in a frame in my office.

Congratulations, Marsh & Heather!

Congratulations, Charlie!

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Toby Guillette said...

I was following them on Twitter ( during their journey. It was great to see them make use of all the popular social media sites out there to keep people up to date. Very inspiring and useful way to use their skills for helping others. It's cool that you are actually friends with these guys. I look to people like them (and you) for inspiration so thanks for this post! ~Toby