Monday, October 06, 2008

Way to go Anna! - Furnace Creek 508

She did it! 508+ miles in 43 hours and 26 minutes. The day before the race, she took her bike on a test ride and the derailleur snapped off, flew up and cracked her carbon frame. She emailed me and said, "It's like you at the Sparthatlon only it's a bike instead of an ankle!" They "casted" it with PVC to reinforce it for the race. And...she did it! What a wild ride that must've been! Congratulations Anna White Rabbit Boldon!

(picture is from the 508 webcast)

(picture is from the 508 webcast)

Also, two amazing performances - both male and female winners of the solo division in fact - were had by Spokanites.

Mike Emde placed 1st overall, winning in 27:28. This is the first 3-peat win in the history of the race. Cat Berge from Pullman (close enough for us Spokanites to claim her!) won the solo women's division in 29:43. Now, if you take a long at the elevation profile of this race, you will be utterly amazed at the pace these cyclists maintained. You can read more about Cat here on her website.

There were other phenomenal finishes including Danny Westergaard, Shanna Armstrong (new DV Cup record holder), Steve Teal, and others. I'm sorry I cannot mention them all this morning.

My good friend and awesome ultraendurance athlete, Lisa Smith-Batchen apparently suffered from asthma on the course (according to the 508 website) and made it close but not all the way to the finish. I'm sure there will be an update on her blog. Lisa, we love you and know you gave it your best. Your best IS good enough! There is no finish line.

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marathanna said...

OMG, Lisa -- you are so sweet to post this on your blog! It was such a boost texting back and forth with you as I was nervously waiting for the "surgeon" to cast up my bike the day before the start. Knowing what you went through in Greece, and how you perservered and made it so far helped me hold it together as best I could.

And the few times I checked my phone during the race, there was always a message from you. You are totally awesome, Lisa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and support.

Rock on, Foxy Lady!!!

-Anna (: