Monday, October 20, 2008

Ankle test - 15+ miles on the John Wayne Trail

It's been three weeks since I sprained my ankle in Greece. I ran just a little last weekend. This weekend I put the ankle to the test on the John Wayne Trail where Tim Englund and I, and Missy and Steely, ran 15 miles on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. The weather was perfect for running. The colors were spectacular. My favorite scene was the old abandoned farm house.

I wrapped the ankle in Coban. It did get a little sore about 10 miles into the first run when we picked up the pace on the way back. The slightly uneven running surface certainly challenged it. The next morning, however, it was fine, and so I challenged it again. Again, I had good results - a bit of soreness toward the end of the run but felt completely normal in the morning.

Time to start getting back into a training routine in prep for ATY. I've got a lot of "making up" to do. I feel like a beginner runner all over again! My joints are stiff, my hamstrings are sore. Ahh! And it feels soooo good!

For a few more pictures, go HERE.


AnthonyP said...

Those pictures are great. Happy to hear that the ankle is holding up.

olga said...

I feel like a beginner runner as well...but it still beats being a non-runner:) Yay!

Larry L said...

Nice pictures. Glad to hear the ankle is recovering with only minor discomfort. Good luck as you ramp back up!